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BPAL Madness!

Dead Leaves and Pomegranate Chypre Hair Gloss

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[No additional description given.]

I'm a terrible first review, I'm sorry!

First I'd like to say I love the smell of dead leaves. This HG starts off as the sharp, crispy, crunchy Dead Leaves scent. After smelling it for awhile, the sweetness of the pomegranate comes through and smells lovely with the leaves. I'd safely say this is a fantastic Autumnal scent for your hair, and would be a great choice for those who love Autumn scents but aren't a fan of foodie scents.

I said I was terrible right? I have no idea what Chypre is or what it smells like. But I like it in this hair gloss, so I guess that means I like it!

I'll be wearing this from now until New Years for sure.

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