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BPAL Madness!
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New Shipping Rates for BPAL/BPTP

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Dear Friends,

It's been nearly six years since we've revisited our shipping fees, and in the meantime postal rates have continued to climb. As much as it galls us to make pricing decisions that affect certain customers more than others, especially our faithful fans overseas, BPAL and BPTP have rolled out new rates, effective immediately, for both domestic and international orders.
Below is our new shipping grid as of January, 2016. Small adjustments may still have to be made as we endeavor to include everyone. [uPDATE: AMENDED TO CORRECT DOMESTIC SHIPPING AMOUNTS]
BPAL domestic shipping rates for the US:
Orders totaling up to $175.00: $7.50
All domestic orders of $175 or greater ship for free.

BPAL international shipping rates, by country/region:

Canada: $25
UK / Western Europe: $34
Eastern Europe / South America / South Africa: $34
Oceania: $35
Japan: $32

All international orders of $300 or greater ship for free.

If your country isn't listed here or it's unclear what your rate would be, please email us at: answers@blackphoenixalchemylab.com

Black Phoenix Trading Post international rates:
Flat rate: $23
Medium flat rate: $44
Large flat rate: $57
Everywhere else:
Flat rate: $32
Medium flat rate: $65
Large flat rate: $85
Metered post for larger packages:
1 lb. - $45
2 lb. - $50
3 lb. - $55
4 lb. - $58
Once again, we hope you will see the difficulty of our position and understand these rates are beyond our control.
The Lab/Trading Post Team

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