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[Swaps Announcement]Crimson Peak Update/Decant Circles

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Autumn in BPAL-land is always full of amazing updates, and between Carnaval Diabolique, Scalias, Liliths, Weenies, and the looming specter of Crimson Peak, this year is no exception. Normally there's a little breathing room between Weenies and Yules, but with Crimson Peak just around the corner we wanted to make sure decanters have the ability to run circles even while their Weenie circles are live.


This means that we are implementing A Decant Circle Forum Very Special Episode: Crimson Peak Bonus Life edition! Crimson Peak will launch on Halloween, so decanters, get your pipetting hand ready: for the purposes of the Crimson Peak update, all decanters will have an extra pool of bottles to play with according to their level.


Level 1: maximum of 20 bottles

Level 2: maximum of 40 bottles

Level 3: maximum of 80 bottles

Level 4: maximum of 160 bottles


So even if you are not at the maximum number of bottles for your level (i.e., a level 4 decanter who is at 70 out of 80 bottles), you have those 10 bottles to play with plus the extra 80, for a total of 160. This does not only apply to Crimson Peak items--if you want to have some Weenies, Scalias, CDs, Liliths, etc., along for the ride, that's cool.

All other limits/guidelines (pricing, decants per bottle, PayPal fee policies, etc.) still apply as usual.


Since the mods will be approving circles left, right, and from all directions, please report all previously completed circles for closing ASAP to make the process as streamlined as possible.


Please PM Silvertree and cupide430 with any questions!

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