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BPAL Madness!

The Second Spring Claw Polish

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The burnished gold of dappled autumn sunlight.

Origin: Straight from the Post

Initial Thoughts: I can't believe how much Puddin' listened to us as we brainstormed for Weenie polish colors. This one looked like it might be a gold version of Unseelie on the website, so I jumped.

In the Bottle: As advertised - burnished gold with that lovely undertone of glitter.

One coat: I thought at first that this might make a good layering option, but I think the base is a bit too gold to work. More expert hands than mine may find differently.


Two coats: This one stays very true to the bottle, maybe just a slight tilt toward bronze.

Verdict: It is lovely. I could see myself wearing it in the fall and at Christmas.

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I got my bottle via Etsy. I love the color & quality. It's rich, lots of depth of color & coverage. I applied 3 thin coats & a top coat on Sunday, it still looks great on Friday.

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Second Spring is a coppery base color (a bit of a pinkish patina) bristling with gorgeous golden sparkles. 

The first coat looks very pretty on its own , a lighter, more subtle version of the color. The second coat really brings out the richness of the color. 

This is a very feminine metallic polish, and I’m enjoying how classy I feel while wearing it! 



(The room doesn’t have the best lighting, so the picture shows a bit darker than in natural sunlight.)

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