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BPAL Madness!
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[Swaps Annoucement]BPTP Price Caps and Updated Decant Circle Guidelines

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Hi, all-


A couple of new things in Swapland: BPTP price caps and updated guidelines for decant circles.




While Trading Post items have previously been uncapped, we are implementing price caps for bath oils, atmosphere sprays, massage oils, and hair glosses:
  • $12.50 per 1 oz decant
  • A full 4 oz bottle may be sold for $50
  • A full 8 oz bottle may be sold for $100
Soaps, plaques, jewelry, apparel, and other items are currently not being capped at this time. If we notice a need for price regulation in these categories, we will make an announcement accordingly.
Perfume sold through the Trading Post is capped following the BPAL structure:
  • $10 per imp
  • $50 per full 5 mL bottle
  • $100 per full 10 mL bottle
Sellers, you have 48 hours to review your sales topics and adjust prices accordingly. After 5pm EST on Monday, October 5, 2015, we will impose price caps for Black Phoenix Trading Post items, as laid out above.
Decant circles:
In the past we have allowed decanters to keep a waitlist of potential participants once a bottle's five-slot limit are full. However, we have never permitted decanters to charge waitlisted participants until a decant is guaranteed.
Recently, it has come to our attention this policy is being abused, people on the waitlist are being charged, and decanters are guaranteeing/selling six or more slots per bottle. As forum guidelines have only ever permitted five slots per bottle, we are currently eliminating the waitlist option.
Decanters who find that they have leftover oil in any bottles after fulfilling orders may sell decants or partials on their on-forum sales page.
If you are a decanter and currently have a circle open with waitlisted participants, you may keep them on your waitlist. No new circles will be permitted to use the waitlist feature.
Additionally, please keep in mind that gauging interest in off-forum swaps (decant circles, sales/swaps, ISOs, etc.), directing people to an off-forum swap page, or discussing off-forum swaps is not permitted.
The Swapping 101, Price Caps, and Decant Circle posts are being updated to reflect the new guidelines. Please take this time to reacquaint yourselves with our forum rules.
As always, please PM a swaps mod with any questions.

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