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Redirect Issues

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Hii everyone!

We know about the redirect issue some are having. It sucks :( We're working on trying to get a fix as quick as possible (who wants to look at boobies when we're trying to find out if the new Doc Constantine is better than the old?!) but in the meantime a couple of things:

1) If you can, avoid using google to search for a scent. We know the issue mainly comes from that although there HAVE been instances where it's redirected from the forum itself.

2) If you have any swap/circle transactions on the forum please screenshot them or write the information down. If the forum has to go offline for the fix to be applied (which is a definite possibility) we would have to do it ASAP and don't want the forumites left holding the bag on their swaps. We'll try to give as much of a heads up as possible, however it's best to be a bit proactive in this case.

Thanks again, and sorry about this. We came to read reviews and chew bubblegum and it seems we're a bit out on both at the moment :/

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