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BPAL Madness!

The Moonlit Plum Atmosphere Spray

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Blue musk with white chrysanthemum, cascading wisteria, benzoin, vanilla orchid, ume blossom, and black plum.

This smells like a sweeter, brighter sister to Blue Moon 2004. The blue musk, and the slightly crystalline quality of that fragrance, without being aquatic, or bright floral. :wub2:

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In the Bottle: Rich sweet florals with a thread of fruity plum.


In the air: A light gorgeous floral - I can pick out my beloved wisteria - that gently spreads through the room and stays very subtle.


Verdict: This is the first time I’ve actually tried a room spray bigger than a goblin squirt. I think I’ll keep this one.

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got a sniffie of this in a swap! :D


there's not much in here so i sprayed a bit on my arm ;) it's a mixed bright floral with plum and blue musk. kind of sweet-floral and "perfumey". i am personally not a fan of blue musk on my skin, but it's not bad for an atmo spray, i admit. i think i get mostly musk, wisteria and plum from this. it smells very springlike to me, but in a perfumey sort of way. nice, though it's not really my personal style, i am glad i got to try it.

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