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BPAL Madness!
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Universal Price Cap

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After extensive and in-depth debate, we have decided to adopt a universal price cap for all BPAL/BPTP items sold on the bpal.org forum. As of this moment, the price cap is $50 for a full 5mL bottle, $10 for a full imp or imp-sized decant. You are welcome to charge any price up to and including that amount.


Why a universal price cap? First of all, individual price caps were confusing and time-consuming, both to follow and to enforce. Second, we trust our members not to price-gouge and inflate costs. We don't need to police every nickel, dime, and quarter. Finally, the marketplace will dictate what works and what doesn't! Laissez-faire BPAL, yo.


Please be aware that this is a trial. If we receive reports of abuse of the system, we will revisit this approach. But we hope that this will be more streamlined and simpler, for both sellers and buyers.


As always, if you paid more than the $50 price cap for a given item and have documentation to back it up, you may contact an administrator for an exception to the price caps. BPTP items such as lockets fall into this category.


Please note that "make me an offer" is still not acceptable. Specific prices must be posted in the For Sale forum. As always, sellers may not charge PayPal fees on top of bottle/shipping cost.


Please PM swap mods (currently Maewitch and Silvertree) with any questions.


Please note that the old Price Caps database at the top of the forum is merely an archive, and no longer a guideline. The universal price cap supersedes individual pricing.

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