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BPAL Madness!


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First impression was a dusty grave with beautiful, up-kept flowers. Definately not as dark as i'd expect anything vampiric to be. Has a touch of graveyard dirt, dust, strong herbs and soft wine. Really enjoyable, very wearable!!

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Blind bought a bottle of it and I’m satisfied. Much more wearable than I expected. Nosferatu is exactly what I want and more. So far I’m lucky in the two whole bottles I own. 


In the bottle: dirt, heavy dewy moss over wooden things, nothing invoking 


Wet: Dirt at its strongest. Something ancient unearthed, the upturned dirt drenched in rainwater. After a moment I started to get wine aplenty, and faded dry flowers so crispy that they’d turn to dust upon touch. The wooden boards are gone. Dry herbs, but I can’t tell which. Pomegranates. Clay. Ripe berries? Lotus? 


Drydown: Thicker, sweeter wines. The rainy dirt scent died through the drydown but its heart, the darkness and aura of an open grave, remained. It was wretched and elegant at the same time. 

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This is the creepiest BPAL I've ever tried, out of over a hundred! It's damp, mouldy, cold dirt and very sweet fruity wine with a hint of dusty herbs. The Lab's dirt notes usually just make me think of gardening (especially when combined with florals) but the way this cold green dirt combines with the sickly sweet wine is very unsettling. Not unpleasant, exactly. Just creepy. I wear it to create an atmosphere, maybe while reading/watching horror, not to smell good.

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