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This is an oil of absolute freedom. It was created to help you release your spirit from self-imposed limitations, old mouldering sorrows and resentements, and from suffocating societal pressures and expectations. This oil assists in breaking the heavy chains of addictions, dependencies, negative behavior patterns, and self-destructive thought loops.

Libertas includes olibanum, organic fennel essential oil, Calabrian bergamot, mastic oil, acacia gum, African bluegrass essential oil, davana essential oil, bitter orange, geranium bourbon, zdravetz, wild arbor vitae, and lemongrass.

Thank you again, Herb Girl, for sending me such a generous amount of this oil! :hug:

Sweeter than I expected, and I can clearly smell the fennel, olibanum, and bergamot, a moment later the lemongrass and geranium. Usually these notes smell very sharp on me, but here they're mild, smooth and sweetened by something else. Davana and zdravetz maybe? The overall impression I have is a sweet, clean, resiny-herbal scent. And wow - is it strong! I used it to dress candles with, and not wanting to waste even a bit, annointed myself with the tiny bit of residue that was left on my fingers. The next day my whole bed smelled of Libertas and I was amazed how far an amount that didn't even equal one drop went.

Effective for the purpose I used it for? I don't want to go into detail, but yes - a thousand times yes. I'm quite surprised actually, since I wasn't expecting such a profound effect, but there you go.

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I've had an imp of this for a while, and have finally gotten around to using it, after nothing else has really worked for me.


This stuff is AMAZING. First off, the smell is lovely. Very herbal on me.


I use this the same way I use Jinx Removing - I put it on my chakras, then wash it off in the shower while focusing on 'washing away' the negative. I've been suffering from a good bit of postpartum depression, with much crying and flying off the handle at ridiculously minor things, or for no reason at all. 2 days in a row of using this in my morning shower, and I am worlds better. Things that would have left me a wreck before are now no big deal, as they should be. I am seriously impressed with this one, and am SO glad I have an imp for when I truly need it!

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ZAP! ZING! Libertas is exactly as promised. It gives you a sense of bouyancy, freedom and freedom loving. It has the same effervescent energy that being a young, single twentysomething year old has when they say "After me, the deluge" and just live it up for a night (which may or may not have a hefty tag on their credit card tomorrow morning, but you'll deal with that... later...).


I finally got my hands on some Libertas and finally used it this morning after going through a pretty intense phase in my life. I sort of wanted a mental break from it, and this has given it to me in spades.


If you are familiar with Icona Pop's "I Love It" (or Buckcherry's more rock cover of it, which is "Say F*ck It"), this is kinda like that song in perfume version. It's like the aftereffects of a rollercoaster, skydiving, or anything that puts you in an almost giddy, slightly euphoric, I can take on the world, the chains have come off, sort of way.


Libertas is different from Release. I have a decant of Release and used it during the aforementioned intense phase, and the vibes are very very different. Release is about acknowledging and grappling with stuff, in ways that may push you into uncomfortable spaces in a way that makes it OK. Libertas is about getting your head out, getting a time out and maybe making you think you know what - some of that stuff is in your head and maybe it isn't what you think it is, and you know what, SCREW IT, because you only have one life and you can't spend all of your time being consumed by issues. Libertas isn't about being able to let go of things as so much as telling them to piss off for the night, because you're superfabulous and you aren't gonna waste more energy/headspace on that today. (Maybe tomorrow. Maybe).


Also, as a big introvert, this actually seems to make me think, you know what, I could talk to people today. I could go to a party today, I could do anything I want today, really.


Libertas is a yellow oil, that smells mainly of bergamot, lemongrass, bitter orange, and then dries to a more herbal/slightly resinous blend with hints of geranium and bergamot.


If ever released, I would definitely get more.

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