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Pomegranate, poet's jasmine, and benzoin.

Sniffed: Sweet pomegranate and heady jasmine.

On skin: Pomegranate I begins promisingly as a harmonious mix of clear, juicy, red pomegranate and thick, floral-sweet jasmine. Both notes tend to be very dominant in blends, yet here they are actually matching each other and balancing out! I don't smell anything that could be benzoin, but it's probably staying in the background grounding the other two notes. This is initially a well-balanced, airy floral-fruit blend. But over time, jasmine starts gaining the upper hand, and eventually overwhelms the pomegranate, although the latter is never completely swamped and occasionally shows itself around the edges of jasmine. Still, what a pity, because they were initially playing together so well! Colour impression is a pale, lemony yellow touched with pink, peach and light orange. (I like how tacey above got a similar colour impression!)

Verdict: I must say, pomegranate and jasmine smell very good together when evenly matched. I really like Pomegranate I, but it's a pity that jasmine went temperamental on my skin! I may still keep my tester around though.

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In the imp - I can almost feel the jasmine vines coiling out of the imp and suffocating me. My nose is telling me to run, but I’m going in anyway because maybe poet’s jasmine won’t hate me?


Wet - JASMINE. I’m searching for something else under the strong, stale, in-your-face, angry flower that opened the blend, but the jasmine is stomping on the other notes and I’m not getting anything else.


Drydown - Great ... the jasmine is now powdery. Was that the work of the benzoin or did it just bottom out when it dried? Either way, this scent would definitely be at home in my grandma’s perfume cabinet. Washed it off, but she’s a persistent little flower and I still smell awful. I think I need to shower.


Verdict - Zero pomegranate. If you like jasmine, step on up. It physically assaulted me. Swap.

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Once again, I amp the jasmine, I only just put this on and it's already overpowering the rest of the notes; warm red pomegranate and strong benzoin. This is giving me a headache! :'D

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