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White tea, hibiscus, Arabian sandalwood, white amber, ho leaf, pale Japanese flowers, and vetiver.


From some of the reviews I was a little apprehensive because of the vetiver. It doesn't always play nice with my skin. When I sniffed the bottle I thought my fears were confirmed. It was all vetiver, but I know that it's always best to give it a try anyway. Boy am I glad I did. Despite the bottle, applying it I get virtually no vetiver. It's all white flowers with a dribble of tea.


After it dries, the tea becomes stronger and sits right out in front with hibiscus at its side. The sandalwood and ho wood lend some support to round it out. It's very much a resinous tea. The vetiver doesn't rudely interrupt like it often does on me. It has some pretty good wear length and a moderate to low throw. As a tea lover, I'd say this is a keeper.[bpal]The most fearsome of Kaidan's conjured warriors, his sword can shear through anything--or anyone.

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