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BPAL Madness!

Capela Dos Ossos v5

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Capela Dos Ossos v5:


Straight up baby powder. :ack: I can't stand the smell of baby powder. I'm going to let my bottle age & hopefully it morphs into something lovely that I can wear otherwise, off to swaps.

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Received a half bottle in a swap, from my wishlist.


IN THE BOTTLE: Light and woody (as opposed to woodsy) and very pleasant.


Dabbed on wrists and in crooks of arms.


WET: Upon application, I get wood for sure. Maybe cedar or something related. I get the tiniest hint of resin but also a hint of vanilla or something else that makes it quite sweet. Vanilla wood shavings mixed with golden sunshine. I am not getting the incense that people have noted, though.


DRYDOWN: Sadly, this goes way too sweet on me ... I am not a fan of vanilla. I do like the woodiness of it but it's just a little too cloying on me. It reminds me more of, say, Tombstone than Pickled Imp. Not getting ANY incense or resins as it dries. Just vanilla-soaked wood shavings.


OVERALL: It's not bad, though a tad disappointing. Not what I had hoped for but not a washoff by any means.


On a scale of 1-5, about a 3.5.

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