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BPAL Madness!

The Witch's Garden

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Morning glory vines twisting around a patch of rampion, carrot, and parsley, with monkshood, hemlock, elfwort, sage, wormwood, and mandrake.


In the imp: I am not familiar with all of the notes listed here, but I will say that I do get the carrot, parsley, and sage. It reminds me of making stuffing from scratch for Thanksgiving, or making a soup.


Wet: I get lots of carrot, sage, and parsley for sure. And I think I am smelling the rampion, too? I can’t help but thinking of soup. Then a floral joins in the carrot and herb mix, but the sage is the most prominent note on me. It really smells like I took fresh sage leaves and just rubbed them on my arm.


Dry: It’s greener and leafier now. The sage calms down somewhat after a while, but I’m still getting a fair amount of carrot and a floral note. It reminds me of being in a Michael’s craft store for some reason. Well, that was unexpected. I am not sure which note is doing that.


Verdict: How did Beth make the carrot so carrot-y? This could be evocative of a garden minus the dirt on the right person, but I was reminded of stuffing herbs, then soup, and then it turned into a Michael’s store on me. The Witch’s Garden is an interesting scent experience, but not one that I would elect to go through again. It was nice to be able to try it, though -- not only because of the unique notes, but also because it means that I’ve completed my testing of the Märchen line (well, except for the DCed Prunella)! :)

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