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BPAL Madness!

How long do bottles & imps last?

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I have a bottle of Sugar Cookie 2008 that honestly smells like it's gone bad. It smells like stale/bad vegetable oil. HOWEVER, I bought it from a seller on LJ who was suspended for, among other things, selling adulterated oils. I didn't think it was bad when I first got it (in 2010?), but over time it's gotten gradually worse in a way that none of my other scents (even other bottles from that year or older) have. So I suspect it's not actually the BPAL's fault, but that the seller diluted it with something that's since gone bad... but does anyone else have an older Sugar Cookie that can comment on what it smells like?

Fortunately, this was the only outright bad experience I've had in all the online buying/swapping I've done.

I have a 2008 bottle and it still smells amazing! Sorry someone might of tampered with your bottle. That sucks! :(



It's a bummer for sure but good to know that if I find another bottle it should still be good :)

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