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A purifying and empowering highly-charged neutral blend that can be used alone, or used in conjunct with other oils for personal, ritual or tool consecration and blessing.

I used this for the first time today. I annointed a maneki neko statue on the top of its head. Maneki neko is said to bring good luck and prosperity. I tried to give this statue away many times. It's cheap and ceramic and I never really liked it, but somehow it just never wound up finding a new home. Today I looked at it and thought... hmmmm I wonder if I can turn this thing into a lucky todem for myself. So I annointed it.. hmmm the oil smells good. Herby and golden.

It also made me feel optimistic and comforted.

I hope this statue is well-charged now. I'd love to hear how other people have used this oil. Usually, I go more for complicated rituals, but this was just me, an oil, and a statue.

I am intending to bring it into work with me, actually. I could use some luck there :P

ETA- I am also going to annoint a pen that I am using to work on PhD apps with this. It's already my "lucky pen", so might as well give it a little extra oomph. Edited by Shollin

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This a great blend for ritual work...it's not so strongly scented that it overwhelms and distracts the senses, but it has a subtle warm, comforting scent that creates a perfect enviroment for meditation and focus.

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This blend has a very astringent but pleasant herbal smell to it. I used it last night beneath the full moon to anoint and charge my talismans, runes and tarot cards. For the tarot cards I put anointing upon one of my thumbs and Seal of Moses on the other and then shuffled the cards over and over. The reading I did afterwards perfectly answered my question. This blend resonates nicely and gives you a feeling of spiritual connection and contentment.

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