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BPAL Madness!

Van Van

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I have a nearly full, clean looking imp of unknown age.

Immediately I get hit with some sort of yellow lemon - lemon balm? Lemon verbena? Lemongrass? There is some sugar there but the metallic aspect is more prominent to me. Like a sexy mechanic who is addicted to lemon drops or something. There is the slightest bit of floral there, perhaps rosy, but not enough to turn me off of it. Maybe a slight vanilla note as well!

All in all, this is a quite interesting blend. I think it would be a great spring/summer scent. I'd like to try layering this before deciding on whether or not to keep the imp or maybe go larger.

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A lab frimp.


When I'm smelling up close I can get the lemon, nag champa, and something sweet and grassy/herbal, but what is throwing my brain insists is spicy floofy orange dreamsicle, which is probably bergamot, maybe a very light patchouli or resin, something sweet, and vanilla. Interesting to see how divisive and skin chemistry dependent this one is, I love it and I'm going to end up getting a 5ml.

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no notes listed, time to quiz the old sniffer! 


starts off a bit like the lemony hay note that i love, but extra lemony.  no complaints. as it dries, that lemony something gets more herbal-lemon, and the hay gets deeper and earthier, drier. it develops a baby powder undercurrent that never quite breaks through, but it's present to varying degrees throughout.   this feels clean and fresh, but earthy. zesty but grounded.  that powdery note might keep me from wearing it as a perfume, but i might actually use this with some intent...  it feels true to purpose. 


looking up traditional recipes now, ingredients sometimes include lemon verbena, lemongrass, citronella, vetiver, palmarosa.  no idea about palmarosa, but everything else sounds on point. 

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