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Definitely a green scent. As i remove the stopper from the imp my first impression was actually of lettuce. Very crisp and green, not really herbal or grassy just watery. As it goes on wet the green kind of deepens, gets a little murky. The floral comes out, and it's almost rosy but maybe that's just wishful thinking. It definitely wouldn't be a red rose. More like a white floral in the vein of water lily or lotus. As that settles the citrus notes come out to give this a little golden fleshiness. I don't really get the peel notes, definitely more of the blossom components. The bright green- citrusy floral phase burns off pretty quickly, within the first hour of application on me, and the dry remainder is a little powdery, a little more unisex, and back to the dark green. This is a very beautiful scent and an interesting morpher. Light throw.

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