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BPAL Madness!

Temple of the Mother

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The scent - Lemons, apples and something purple.


The meditation - The sun beats down on my face at the same time as the strong wind buffets my body. I can taste the salt from the sea on the wind and hear the waves crashing below me. I stand at the top of a rocky outcrop, to either side of me there are sandy beaches, but beneath me the rocks are black and forbidding. In land I see rugged hills topped with outcrops of prickly gorse, with it's deceptively merry yellow flowers. Equally misleading is the calm of the distant sea which stretches to the horizon, glinting in the sun, with only the shadows of clouds to warn of the dangers which lie beneath.


(I use my temple oils as aids to meditation, with the oil in my burner, so this is how I've reviewed them)

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Scent: Florals, herbs, possibly a touch of mint.


Use: I am not a mother but I certainly do tap into that archetype when needed and during those times I like to use Temple: Mother. I also find that it is useful when I am working with certain deities or certain Pagan holidays that involve fertility and ripeness, or any other Mother-related aspect.

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