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BPAL Madness!

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In the bottle

I smell Amber and a somewhat piercing, bright herbal smell like heliotrope.


I annointed a stone with this blend.

30 minutes

It's sweet, like golden amber initially and thick and resinous, then it becomes brighter more astringent and almost piercing.

Than it relaxes a bit and warms up again to a golden smelling or "feeling" blend.


a bit more than average, yes.

Scent category:

Not sure, resin/herbal/?


This is a lively blend, it seems to be alive and change as I smell it, alternating between a warm golden resin and a piercing, astringent, bright quality. Like the sun.

Purchase again?

Yes for effect and feeling, not for the scent.

1-5 rating (5 being best)

2 for scent

7 (thusfar) for workability[/color]

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As this is a TAL blend, I'm going to discuss its efficacy, although I must say that I find the scent very...magical. Sharp, yes, and somehow just right.


I annointed a white candle (I didn't have any green ones on hand) that I'd simply inscribed with my name. I also annointed a dollar bill, which I placed under the candle. It burned for much of the day, and I had to put it out because we were leaving the house. Upon our return I checked my email and I had offers for several things I was selling on another forum, totalling about $250.


The following day, I annointed a fresh candle and also annointed some coins and dropped them into a dish while doing the old Gypsy(?) "Trinka Five" chant.


By the day after that, I had over $700 in my PayPal account. :eek:


This stuff works, my friends.



ETA: A few days later, and the money was still coming in. We received $300 from my husband's uncle for providing him some storage space (this was after the issue had been discussed and we'd refused to charge him anything), and I sold another rare Tarot deck.


Thank you, Universe! :wub2:

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Okay, so... yesterday was deadline for taxes so I was preparing all my paperwork after months and months of procrastination. My workplace was ready and decluttered for the occasion and did turbotax online the second year around. I lighted a green candle after I inscribed "tax refund" on it, also dressed it with showers of gold. At this point I had no expectations, just wanting to put myself in a mood to prep my taxes. And a the end of my work, my tax refund this year is $2000 more than last year's. Yay for sweet refunds and showers of gold!

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I just did a quick candle burning with this, the next day I spotted a $50 bill in a parking lot with no one around. Yay!

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The last time I used this I found an envelope with money in in my home. I'd put it aside for a specific bill as per the writing on the outside, and completely forgotten it for two years!! There was £50 in it iirc!

I've used this very sparingly and sporadically as I only had a small decant but it does work.

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I do not know how to describe the smell of Showers of Gold. It is a sweet perfume and somewhat effervescent to my nose, like the essence of a cool spring day in the shade, almost. It's very light with a short to medium throw. It's a pleasant, somewhat cool-toned aroma.


I used it to anoint a small candle shortly after it arrived, a day after failing a test for a job I was trying to get. When I took the test again two days later, I blew through it and got my position. I'm an RN. It's nice pay, and perhaps the best job I've ever had in six years of nursing.


I used Showers of Gold again because I was still having money issues. Then I finally received the audio book contract from Dreamscape I'd been waiting for, with a $1500 advance for a novel I haven't even completed yet. 


I anointed another candle and engraved what I needed with my fingernail perhaps two weeks ago. 


Sunday night I looked into my account and saw an additional 2 stimulus checks for my kids due to a clerical error. I have it confirmed by the IRS that I do *not* have to pay it back, because it's an issue on their end that has occurred for a few other people.


Showers of Gold works.


edit: 4:28, random deposit of backchild support for $3,700 yoinked from an ex-husband who hasn't paid it in years. They got his stimulus. Now it is mine. 


edit: 5:8:2021, played the stock market. made about $225 of investments into DogeCoin over the past two months. Investment value raised to almost a grand. Just sold $700 worth of DogeCoin and my original investment is still there. 

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TAL Showered me with more Gold

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