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No lab description for this blend.


In the bottle

I didn't buy this for the scent, but for what it represents and for "working" with, so what a grand bonus that it smells absolutely divine. It's soft, feminine, floral foody, and minutely incense-y and mysterious. Like spiced vanilla or some kind of bakery goody kicked up with some spices. There may even be some anise in here but if so, it's not as strong as in other blends. It doesn't overpower the creamy goodness, it appends to it. This blend is so comforting and emits lots of feelings. When I close my eyes I can see a warm golden rose color.



It's ever so light in scent strength.

Now it's somewhat floral, somewhat licorice-like, resinous, and maybe fruity. But not lemon kind of fruit, maybe fig. Yum.

This is the weirdest thing. When I smell it in the bottle it smells like I said above, but on my skin, it almost disappears. I would actually wear this to my somewhat conservative workplace...it's that good in a light way. It also seems like a watery blend but doesn't have any of the typical salty, ozonish, tangy quality of the water blends.

I cannot get my nose out of my wrist.


30 minutes

It doesn't morph at all at 30 minutes dry. I can't believe the luck with this blend. It has some pretty good throw too. At 30 mintues Horus it's still mysterious, and ethereally beautiful.

Bravo Beth.





Scent category:




It's lightly floral, foody; smelling of vanilla, with maybe some amber, some kind of spice or incense like frankinscense (it's not cinnamon) and maybe a drop of anise? And there's this sweet scent that familiar and comforting and it kind of hovers. The heavenly hovering note is fabulous but I can't place what the heck it is. It's so incredibly comforting and familiar yet I can't place it.

I can't believe Horus has now become pretty much my #1 scent now.

I think the Goddess is teaching me that good things come to those who wait because I had such a bad day today.


Purchase again?

Yes, without question. I think this is a scent that I would buy and wear all through my life (alternating with Noir). If it's possible I will be getting a 10ml when I run out.


1-5 rating (5 being best)


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(Many thanks to UltraViolet for letting me try some of this. You seriously rock, girl!)

In the imp: frankincense. Definitely frankincense with a sweet resinous scent, possibly amber. A golden, glowing fragrance. I am unsure of the exact magickal purpose of this oil, but I do know a lot about Horus and what he represents.

Wet on skin: a radiant, warm golden resin scent, with a hint of spice. Frankincense and something extra.

Dry on skin: oh, this is so beautiful. This is a sweet amber with frankincense and spice scent. It reminds me a bit of the Lion, in fact. There is something definitely solar about this scent, it has the same vibe as Tarot: the Sun and the Stations of the Sun, it reminds me very slightly of Ahathoor as well. It has a golden, shining, luminescent feel to it, which seems apt for the god it's named after. I'm wondering if there's also some heliotrope in this as well, as there's a hint of sweet, golden floral. And there's a lovely spicy aspect to this, adding warmth to the fragrance.

After a while: now a sweet, sun warmed skin fragrance starts to come through- possibly a light musk, and there's a hint of something floral, possibly even some sandalwood. Still the golden resinous fragrance dominates. It's complex and multifaceted, glowing and luminous.

As time goes on, I'm pretty sure there's a sandalwood scent coming through, with a hint of something floral, and still more amber, and maybe some 'sun warmed skin scent' musk. It's slightly powdery but it's no bad thing at all-it’s good powdery smell, soft and smooth. In fact, it reminds me somewhat of the drydown of Baghdad-it has that dry, dusty, warm scent that seems antique and familiar.

And then, a few hours later, it switches back to that wonderful translucent spiced amber scent. (I wouldn't be surprised if it was Egyptian amber…)

The effects: as I said before, I am not sure what the exact purpose of this oil is, but this is how it makes me feel…something about this smell makes me feel so positive and yet calmed inside. I have been suffering form terrible depression recently and I have been feeling ill, but this scent has lifted me out of both my depression and has made me feel a lot better. It also has given me inspiration and the impetus to stop me feeling lazy and lethargic, and I feel more assured and confident about myself than I have been in the last few weeks.

Verdict: I feel so honoured to have tried this beautiful fragrance. Recently I have been feeling quite drawn to Horus, I have always had an affinity for him but it's grown a bit stronger these days. And this oil is truly wonderful. It's a sweet golden resinous fragrance full of complexity and various notes- amber, frankincense, spices, sandalwood, something floral, and even a hint of a skin scent. It reminds me of the Lion, Tarot: the Sun and Ahathoor, but is even more magnificent than those are. It is the fragrance of golden solar light, filled with positive energy. It is a scent that feels sacred, divine, and ancient too. It is a scent truly appropriate for Horus, it feels right for him. I also had high hopes for this scent, and guess what, I absolutely adore this fragrance and how it makes me feel, and would be so sad if this was discontinued, or not made any more…I want a bottle! But for now I will enjoy the little 1/8th of an imp that I do have of it! HAIL HORUS! :P :D :D

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Again, a big thank you to UltraViolet/Lushalot for letting me try this scent.


In the vial - A spicy vanilla, mmmm


On me - oh wow, is this good! It's a creamy, spicy vanilla. I agree - I think there is a bit of anise in here, which I generally hate with a passion, but somehow, it's okay in this blend. It's resiny - I think I smell frankincense, and possibly some incense too. There is also something floral very light and in the background - I think it's carnation, but I'm not sure. It's a very warm scent - and freaking gorgeous!


How it makes me feel - I don't know what the purpose of it is, but I feel peaceful, calm, and very relaxed - which is an accomplishment, as I'm very stressed out at this point in my life. I feel warm and happy, and just damn good.


I need more. NOW!

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Spicy vanilla, hint of sandalwood, amber and incense. This smells like a desert god.


It's warm, golden, and very apropos.


I was originally thinking this might be the Eye of Horus. Nope, it's the TAL version of Horus.

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