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BPAL Madness!

Beltane 2005-06

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... It doesn’t matter where your faith lies, Beltane is sacred to us simply because we’re human. It is a celebration of new growth, rebirth, of the fertility of our land, our spirits and our bodies, and is a reminder of the joy in simply being alive. Celebrate life! Wind some flowers into your hair, dab a little oil behind each ear, toss the first petals of springtime onto your yard, and bless your garden the old fashioned way!


I bought this last year through this forum.

Wet and just applied, it's floral and a bit soapy. I don't mind soapy - clean is good. It's verdant and blossoming. There's a slight coolness to it, almost as if winter hasn't quite given up yet. It's what I imagine real seasons to be like - I live in Florida so we only get two seasons (hot and wet most of the year, cool and dry-ish the other 3 months). This is definitely Spring - the joyfulness of Winter's end, and the potential for tha burgeoning of Summer.

Really delightful!

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