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BPAL Madness!

Pronouncing "BPAL" and scent names!

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Also, "yucca" is of Spanish origin - I grew up in Southern California, where some yucca lives, and we pronounce it "YUCK-uh" - I don't know what its actual Spanish pronunciation is.

In Spanish it's pronounced yooka, if you're curious.

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Try Forvo! You can hear native pronunciations of letters and words by searching. I found Thvorusleikir on there yesterday so the others are probably up too ☺


WOW. That is.. so helpful. I can stop pronouncing "Stekkjarstaur" as stegosaurus, and Giljagaur as Gil-Jaguar. Bookmarked!

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Here is what I have gathered from Forvo Icelandic. Corrections and additions from those in the better know are very welcome, please!

Rolled "r"s throughout

Askasleikir = AH-skah-Sleek-eer

Bjúgnakrækir = BYOUK-nah-kray-keer

Gáttaþefur = GAH-theh-fair

Giljagaur = GILL-yah-ger (all hard g's like green)

Gluggagægir = GLU-ka-kye-ye® (GLU is half way between "Glue" and "Luck", the last three sylables sound a lot like the english pronounciation of "Papaya" with a very soft R at the end. and with k's of course.)

Hurðaskellir - this is tough - HUR-dthah-sked-leh-(aspirated h at the end, like at the beginning of Chanukah)

Kertasníkir - CARE-tah-snee-keer

Ketkrókur - Ket-Croak-er

Skyrgámur - SKEER-gah-mer

Stekkjarstaur - STECK-yar-ster

Stúfur - STOO-ver

Þvörusleikir - Thvar-u-SLAY-keer

Pottaskefill is not on Forvo.

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