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BPAL Madness!

Maple Leaves, Golden Moss, and Amber

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Goodness I'm first, ok I'm in the mist of a sniff-oh-thon since my order came in, so this is not a complete review just a first impression right out the mail.
This is THE stand out of my Dragon Con and Weenie hair glosses order.
First impression, very expensive amber perfume. My dh, my kid, and I are all of one mind on this, this blend is a masterclass comparable to Roja or any of the other houses that the scent girlies freak out over. 

Amber, a red toned musk, I've never done a leaves scent so I don't know the lab's leaves notes intimately enough to give a break down there, what I perceive as the golden moss is almost sweet tobacco-like. And I want to say there's a touch of oud, but better noses will know what it is exactly.

10's across the board.


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