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BPAL Madness!

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Ambergris accord, lilac mist, grey silk ambrette, wisteria, white frankincense, champa magnolia, and pink tea roses.

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Caveat: I have loved everything Beth offered with "Shepherd" or "sheep" in the name, and i am a big fan of  ambergris, lilac, frank, and pink tea roses.  also this is fresh out of the mail box.  I'm not great at reviews but Tom asked us to try to help out with honest reviews so here goes....


I find Shepherds Dream a beautiful champaca with depth.  It stayed true on bottle to skin to diffuser today, not a big morpher.  It's ...cozy.  For me, the journey  starts frank forward, then a long stint of champaca, with the tea roses shining in the dry down. The lilac & ambergris give it the mist vibe and are very very subtle to my nose.  


I feel some may find this powdery and/or  soapy from the champaca and frank and if you are one who doesn't like those vibes I'd say test before you go for a bottle.  


For me, The ambergris harkens to The Air & The Ether, and the "grey" reminds me a little of Crossed Keys.  The pink tea roses are the lovely note I pull from Love Let Her (one of my absolute faves of late) 


The lilac mist you might have sniffed from several of Beth's recent offerings (eg Houses at the Back) but here I don't think i'dve picked it out right away if I didn't know already it was there. 







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Shepherd's Dream shares a few notes with Snow-Covered Landscape, which I am quite fond of. This starts out beautifully with the champaca, plays around with the lilac and wisteria, and dries down clean and soft. Champaca fades quite a bit, but I enjoy the overall journey this takes me on.


Ambrette is not too showy, there is a nice sweetness throughout and there is a similar grey vibe that Snow-C has. There is a cut of grass from the lilac. Label art is gorgeous.


It's a keeper.



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