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  1. occurs

    L’Essence de la Passion

    Just received this bottle it’s about 7 years aged... holy heavenly god this is so seductive and surreal. It’s wet and then dry which makes little sense but at first the robustness of the musk feels all wet and fleshly but it lingers on your nose into this nice incense due to the myrrh. The carnation makes it pop!
  2. occurs

    Cat Event Exorcist

    I actually kinda love this. It’s a cool toned brown fuzzy cuddly musk.its soft and cool. It lasts 3-4 hours on me before it becomes more of a cozy soft skin musk. It’s just close to skin and soft. It’s really making brown musk perform unexpectedly A touch quiet and cold. I keep thinking slate blue which probably makes no sense lol. 4/5
  3. Hello! So i am a newly addicted bpal fan, but longtime perfume addict. i have a great addiction to musks and i am always searching for the next best. here are some of the scents i have, i love them all but i also want to add something dirtier and irresistible to my collection own a bottle of coyote, which reminds me of a light dog-like skin scent, it's gentle and mild a sort of friendly musk banned in boston which is sweaty boozey and provocitive, it is a bit like after sex, and it's pretty raw fernis wolf, which is basic, yet beautiful musk and wears well on hot sweaty days. dorian is a sophisticated musk on me, clean and bold. brown jenkins is a demand respect kind of musk on me, professional, unique, bold snake oil is a sexy vanilla musk, but sweeeet as a button, too sweet for my taste but i am looking for a smutty, dirty, raw musk, sweaty skin, after sex, something you can apply dirty and it'll enhance the dirt in a good way, banned in boston and perverision are close so far, but i want one without the booze note also lust is pretty smutty, it reminds me of a porn shop, slightly plastic but not in a bad way, i want something more natural then that though... can anyone help?
  4. occurs

    The Infernal Lover

    This is super creamy on me, usually red musk is sharp and bold and sexual on my skin, but this is sensual and super creamy, the honey softens everything, i adore this scent
  5. mmm Leanan Sidhe sounds beautiful! thank you for opening my eyes to some new scents
  6. So i received random samples of Fae and night gaunt and just fell in love, but neither scent, or description, are what i would usually go for. Can anyone rec any other scents you think i may unexpectedly love?... if i fell for fae, night gaunt, even dolce stil nuovo I usually tend to love super sexy, spicey, earthy, heady, musky, animalistic scents, but i tend to wear light fresh bright pretty scents just as often and always seem to just come across them by accident, but maybe based on those those scents that just caught me off guard, someone can get me on the right path to other new scents that work! thanks so much, sincerely, sarah
  7. Holy cow i think i just found my scent twin, you've definitely sold me on O, and the others you mentioned are some of my favorite scents! thank you for the recs
  8. occurs

    Sri Lanka

    mmm this reminds me of red clay and gunsmoke. and definitely a cedar forest before rain. i absolutely adore it! i smell the myrrh the patchouli is so well blended it does not stand out in the blend. it's dirty, unusual, yet sophisticated!
  9. occurs

    Old Demons of the First Class

    HOLY GRAIL! this is exactly what i have been seeking, i have worn it for the last three days, i am so happy i just got the big bottle based on description. SEXY, scary, spicy, yet beautiful and it grabs the attention of all around! I went to a club, a rare thing for me to do, and men and women were coming up to me to tell me i smelled amazing, and when they asked what i was wearing they all got scared away/ uncomfortable, ahaha which is what i wanted anyway. It is so strong and wears 24 hours, i smell it on me in the morning every time i wear it! the distance of the throw is 3-6 feet! When i first open the bottle it smells a little like a better then normal dr.peppper, but on, it is just a sexy unique deep Burgundy sensual perfume, it is not desperate, it is loud and not for the faint at heart!
  10. occurs

    Grand Guignol

    I really do like this, i just got a imp. it is sweet at first and then it sort of becoming this haunting scent, it gets darker as the minutes pass by, the brandy wears very strong on me, i am debating getting a bottle.
  11. occurs

    Givenchy Hot Couture smell-alikes?

    I freaking love hot couture, the original, i honestly think the reformulation for the new version is not near as good. i am going to have to check out bewitched now.
  12. occurs

    What's the best coconut blend?

    Goblin and Brown jenkin are my favorite coconut blends, i love them because they are *not* the beachy fresh coconut blends i am used to smelling
  13. occurs

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Goblin smells so much like yves rocher, 'neonatura, cocoon' which is one of my favorite scents!
  14. occurs

    Whoso List To Hunt

    The lasting power is the best part, it is very powdery on me, but not in a bad way, i think of it more like a grown up baby powder. It smells old fashioned and fresh, would be great for a quiet day. The throw is strong, the mind set is innocent to me.
  15. occurs

    The Grave-Pig

    I adore fig scents and this one is just lovely, the patchouli is very soft, and the mushroom caps really just ground the scent, overall, very well blended soft earthy fig scent! wears very long, and a light throw, not over powering. who would of thought, a scent with pig in the title would be so good. Not to mention, the mushroom caps in death cap are super heady, i don't notice that headiness at all in this blend. if you like figs and earthy scents, this is a must have!
  16. occurs

    German Expressionist Horror

    Holy grail of unusual. First of all i am obsessed with german cinema in general. This does have a dark, cold, bleakness to the blend, like a lot of german cinema. the pine is sharp in the beginning, but it wears soft on me in 10 minutes or so. The Dusty casket is a prominent note here for me. Honestly, this is so nostalgic, it reminds me of a burned down house in piney woods, i really am smelling murky burnt wood. I actually quite like smelling like this, it reminds me of some of the favorite towns and places in which i have photographed. the patchouli and myrrh really are what makes this beautiful, but i love the burning feeling i am getting! This is evil...so odd... It is also reminds me of twin peaks, when they are in the woods and find the place that smells like burning in which the black lodge lies, this is the scent i imagine they were smelling. nice! 5 out of 5!
  17. occurs

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    First off, thank you for the rec! i just ordered, perversion, i think that should suit me well ;-* and wanda is catching my attention now as well. You are Genuine, open minded, and a Strong individual who seems to have the ability to think through any issue, problem, and has a great understanding of the world, yourself and others. Maybe something like, Sundew, "A carnivorous enchantress: diverse, lovely and graceful, emitting a sticky, glowing golden, sweet and terminally inviting scent. Its dew is believed to grant eternal beauty and longevity, and restore vitality and vigor to the magician." Maybe for your adventurous side The Lion, "The dry, glorious warmth of the Savannah. A golden, spiced amber, proud, regal and ferocious" And for when times get rough and you want a more calming scent, maybe something like the mouse's long sad tale And since you are going back to school, this is my favorite scent ever and to me it is such a scholarly blend, Brown Jenkin!
  18. occurs

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    Greenwoodtree, thank you for the rec, i have and love banned in boston, and i haven't given the others much attention until you rec'd them for me, now i have new lemmings! i'll give it a whirl, but i am merely newly obsessed, I think scents in which are both grounded, unique and bold would suit you. Anne bonny for your action taking wild side, some hippie notes like red patchouli, and a grounded base of red sandalwood. Or, perhaps, Scherazade, a new favorite of mine! Strong enough to work with the hippie good grunge and beautiful, alluring, will make people stop and listen for sure! Maybe Coyote for a very earth bound scent, would be great for your activist meetings, Coyote="Trickster God of Chaos and Change" edited because i can't type today
  19. So i love scents in which evoke a certain nostalgia. Is there any scents to you that give you a feeling of a certain era, decade, time, moment in history? Whether it reminds you of a perfume they may have worn in a certain era, or if it's a feeling like..."i imagine this is what the dust bowl may have smelled like..." It sounds silly, but since the sense of smell is the most carnal instinct, the first thing a lot of people generally do is assimilate it with memory, whether it is a memory that existed or just something you have imagined before... What BPAL scents scream a memory or an idea of the past to you?
  20. occurs

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    Ok well this should be interesting, i don't find describing my self at all easy but i will try! I am 24 years old photographer, strictly darkroom, i am a great printer and printed professionally for 6 years but i am going back to school with scholarships to pursue my own work more thoroughly. I shoot iconic American images, a bit gritty, generally focusing on ordinary life, i am generally detached from my images, although the personal factor is that i am strictly grounded on the non-exotic. I have a great love films in particular some directors i adore are ingmar bergman, fassbinder, early werner herzog, eric rohmer, david cronenburg, mike leigh, bella tarr, andrei tarkovsky, and david lynch (and many many many more) i collect films and i prefer the heady or psychological film that focus on human interactions, emotions, torture and relationships. I love beer. I am a vegetarian. most of my friends are male. i am incredibly sexual. i date and live with an insane painter. I openly discuss extremely sexual acts. I over examine absolutely everything in life, yet i don't take life or society too seriously. I've been often referred to as a deviant, libertine, old fashioned or a hedonist. I am into cats, i work at lush, i am a lush, completely over indulgent and frivolous with my money. I am incredibly good to my close friends but only have a few. Too blatantly blunt and honest at times... My favorite musicians are tom waits, nick cave, leadbelly, woody guthrie, nina simone, and elliott smith, but i am into all music and have a large vinyl collection and a million cds and i am anti-i-pod. I am a regular at an old baltimore tavern that caters to the strangest people you can imagine but once you are in, it is as good as cheers. Physically, i am brown hair, brown eyed, i wear cat eyes liquid liner and red lipstick and i have a beauty mark on my cheek. i am average-curvy in size. I have 1950's decorative cat eye glasses in which i wear when i have to read or am in school. Lets see what this brings in!... thanks for reading
  21. occurs


    First impression, wet on skin, sort of reminds me of a spicy ivory soap. After it sets in, i get more bergamot, little more rose, but i find it is very well blended, and it leaves me with a soapy clean innocent feel, not my favorite but super refreshing and good for a lazy sweet summer day
  22. occurs

    Brown Jenkin

    I can't get enough of Brown Jenkin. My friends are all well aware of my perfume addiction. When i wear brown jenkin my friends flock and comment, "now this is unusual and nice, what are you wearing!?!" My friend named his internet server after brown jenkin because he loved it so much. Anyway off the topic, it is warm and fuzzy, but strangely dignified and squirrely at the same time, i wear it when i feel up to no good, yet in a casual non-sexual sense. I work at a lush, and i love lush, but i don't want to smell anything like it since i am there all the time and this is no typical earthy lush like scent, although still very well grounded. It reminds me of a red leather briefcase, with old books and dusty papers in it, or a visit to an old town like Gettysburg, on a dry summer day. The coconut it no beachy nut, it is husky like they describe, like smelling a rip coconut before it is cut. This wears through the baltimore humidity and makes people stop and sniff me constantly. No soapy smell, no powdery note, and the incense is not over powering. the musk stays a base and does not take over the other notes. Another thing i love about this is the throw, you can smell it about 2-3ft from me and it wears 4-6 hours and it stays consistent, doesn't transform too much on my skin, just gets lighter. This is the perfect quirky scent for me, and it wears me, i don't wear it, and i love that about it, it's a great year round piece of art! I am considering ordering another bottle, but i'll wait till this is 1/2 gone.
  23. occurs

    Outdoor Events

    We have sweaty outdoor events every other day in baltimore it seems, and it is a smoggy, humid city. It is definitely hard to find perfumes that throw and keep in this kind of weather but with my recent addiction, bpal, i have found 2 thus far that work! night gaunt, it earthy, damp and has the kumquat, white grapefruit and yuzu and there is just something alluring about the "snow-dusted flowers of Mount Ngranek" which make it fancy and super fresh, seems to wear only 4 hours on me though london, holy fresh and clean tea rose, i guess you have to like rose to wear this but honestly, around all the sweaty folks i always get told i smell pretty, and fresh, and it wears for 6 hours or so. it has a definite tea and rain note i detect and it is just beautiful. I also am not the kind of girl that usually goes to fresh, or citrus scents, i just got these as samples and fell in love and bought night gaunt immediately and London is on my next bill for sure.
  24. thank you all for getting back to me! I have since ordered a aged smut from a lovely board member, and now i have many more lemmings, i am dying to try debauchery, satyr, the voice of the lobster, ahh and so many more I am veryy verryyy curious about O now. reading reviews and scent notes gives me great pleasure and now i am on the right track to find my wild and sexy musk