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  1. sweetsiryn

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    I've been looking through the descriptions and am curious about Othello too. I think I'll order an imp to give it a try! Thanks
  2. sweetsiryn

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    Hello everyone! Can anyone recommend something reminiscent of Seraglio? I am pretty gutted that it has been discontinued, it is one of my favourites I love the blend of rose, neroli/orange blossom, spices, almond and wood - warm, sophisticated and sensual. My other favourites are Kali (for summer, warm weather) and Wanda (year round).
  3. sweetsiryn


    I'm in love with Seraglio, and now that my bottle is about to finish, I discovered that it has been discontinued and am quite devastated For those who love this scent; can you recommend anything similar? It is the combination of the roses, spices, neroli, orange, sandalwood and almond that makes it magical. And it is a perfect winter scent as it is warm and strong.
  4. sweetsiryn


    In the vial, it smells very strongly of almond, with some sandalwood perhaps peeking through. Freshly applied, it's still strongly almondy, more sandalwood, with a hint of rose. When my skin warms it up, the almond is still strong, but sandalwood and rose come more to the forefront. It's a warm, sophisticated scent that keeps me sniffing myself throughout the day, trying to catch a hint of the mesmerising rose in the blend. I like it. A lot.
  5. sweetsiryn

    Our 2nd batch of BPALs!

    I just noticed this forum has a blog function, so I decided use it to record my BPAL purchases and other activities My man and I just received our second package from BPAL yesterday! Shipping was swift and the items arrived safely. I got two 5ml bottles--Wanda and Kali--and a set of imps: Phantom Queen, Perversion, Seraglio, Scherezade, Sacred Whore of Babylon and Nefertiti. The man got a set of imps too: Dragon's Tears, Nyarlathotep, Highwayman, Tezcatlipoca, Black Forest and Plunder. We also got a whole load of frimps! Machu Picchu, Anubis, The Ghost, Incubus, Brown Jenkins, Uruk, Kali and Siren! I think they threw in so many frimps because there was a bit of a miscommunication about our first order, but then again it could be because the BPAL staff are just really nice Can't wait to try all of them! P/S: I'd gotten Siren on my first order, but it didn't go well with my skin chemistry; I'm hoping that this new frimp would be better... wish me luck!
  6. sweetsiryn

    Black Phoenix

    I thought this oil was rather "mature" and strong at first - like something for an older person - and I didn't really like it. But as with Muse, I gave it a second chance due to my depleting supplies of Kali and Wanda. I grew to like it though, and once the scent mellows down a little, it's very unique. In the imp: Strong scent of almonds or rather almond paste/marzipan above everything else in the vial... quite overwhelming and sharp. On my skin: A rather warm oil to begin with, it burns a bit on my skin, especially on the insides of the elbows... cinnamon oil? The almond smell is still strong, but the other notes, possibly sandalwood, musk, cloves and other spices start to come forth as my skin absorbs and warms the scent. It becomes rather sexy and dark and exotic... very spicy. A bit incense-y too. Very complex and mysterious. I wouldn't mind a bottle of it.
  7. sweetsiryn


    I found this scent merely OK when I first got it, but as my imps of (instant favourites) Wanda and Kali got more and more empty, I decided to give Muse another try and discovered a scent that grows on you. Upon opening the imp, a wave of citrus clobbers my senses - I'm a bit put off as it reminds me of washing-up liquid... but there is a hint of exotic florals under the lime that motivates me to persevere and dab it on the pulse points... After a while as my skin warms the oil, the scent unfolds, bringing the florals to the forefront... Muse makes me think of being surrounded with thousands of exotic flowers in full bloom... the jasmine and lotus, I think... it's not really perfumey, but more like being in the presence of the REAL flowers at their peak, when their scents are at their most potent. Womanly, lush and heady - not the light scent I was expecting, but quite, quite beautiful.
  8. sweetsiryn


    Waxy, nutty, earthy, sometimes plasticky... I really wish this smelled better to and on me. It didn't change even after a day of wear. Could it be this batch that's a bit funky? It seems totally NOT what I was expecting at all.
  9. sweetsiryn


    In the imp: Smells like a mix of flowers, fruit and warm skin... Wet on skin: Rum and raisin ice cream! Dry and warming on skin: Still has that rum and raisin aroma (which I really like) but also mellowing to something wonderfully warm, intoxicating, delicious... with a hint of leather and floral sweetness in the background. Beautiful.