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BPAL Madness!
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Our 2nd batch of BPALs!

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I just noticed this forum has a blog function, so I decided use it to record my BPAL purchases and other activities :thud:


My man and I just received our second package from BPAL yesterday! Shipping was swift and the items arrived safely.


I got two 5ml bottles--Wanda and Kali--and a set of imps: Phantom Queen, Perversion, Seraglio, Scherezade, Sacred Whore of Babylon and Nefertiti.


The man got a set of imps too: Dragon's Tears, Nyarlathotep, Highwayman, Tezcatlipoca, Black Forest and Plunder.


We also got a whole load of frimps! Machu Picchu, Anubis, The Ghost, Incubus, Brown Jenkins, Uruk, Kali and Siren! I think they threw in so many frimps because there was a bit of a miscommunication about our first order, but then again it could be because the BPAL staff are just really nice :heart: Can't wait to try all of them!


P/S: I'd gotten Siren on my first order, but it didn't go well with my skin chemistry; I'm hoping that this new frimp would be better... wish me luck!

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