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  1. Seconding the above (a few posts) poster. I've just tried them side by side and Boomslang is SIMILAR. Boomslang = more aromatic, like PUNGENT. Burlesque = more chocolaty. Bear in mind this is fresh oil in comparison to near 3-year-aged Boomslang.
  2. Reaver

    The Pit & The Pendulum

    This reminds me somewhat of Cola and Refreshers fizzers sweets. The one I've got is from Dark Delicacies. I don't know what it is about BPALs 'incense' blends; I get Cola and Refreshers from most of them. Unfortunately, this is too similar to other loves such as The Goblin Rider and Ghulheim that although I've kept it to age it and it does age BEAUTIFULLY, I think I may have to swap away. If you don't have anything in this catagory already, I can recommend this WHOLE-HEARTEDLY as it's dark and gloomy, yet sweet and bright. A great juxtaposition! I don't get the Pit and the Pendulum link though?! (7/10)
  3. Reaver

    Irrelevant and Disturbing Surreal Crawdad Dream

    BLUEBERRY KAPOWWWW! Blue goo suckerpunch. There isn't a lot that I can add to this review party except that I get a LOT of coriander on my skin throughout. It's almost enough to put me off but it does calm down when it goes from Blueberry pie-filling to just a warm spiced blueberry. This isn't your everyday fruit scent; it's wacky and unpredictable. It seems from the reviews that everyone gets blueberry + one of the other notes. It's like blueberry russian roulette. I bit disappointed mine was coriander, not vanilla or something awesome, but I'm happy enough with the blueberry POP! that I'll be keeping this. (8/10)
  4. Reaver

    That! The Terror From Over There!

    Astringent, green and spicy. I don't get any of the kiwi other than a watery-ness that I can blame on it. The greenery is quite herbal, there is no sweetness when it's on me. I can't say I'm a fan. 3/10
  5. Reaver

    Sugar Moon 2008

    I should love this as I LOVE LOVE LOVE musk, woods, fruits, VIOLET! but this just comes off on me as an overly sweet rosey green mess. I've tried to love it on numerous occasions, pulling it out of the box, dabbing a tiny bit on, but it just over-powers me with syrupy choke-inducing punches and I have to keep my wrist away until it dies down to just a green, vaguley fruity yum. I don't dislike this scent but I have so many like it that it just doesn't stand out on its own. The bottle art is FAB though. <3. 6/10
  6. Reaver

    MVJBA: Dog Days of Summer

    Burnt dead grasses and hayfever laiden wildflowers. I wish I got the beautiful sounding experiences of the above posters but I just don't enjoy this scent. There is nothing fresh to it and it just reminds me of farmers fields. Nothing too special. This came with my MVJBA tee shirt and I didn't really care which oil came with it as I didn't fancy the one before it either. I <3 my shirt though! Go Whipoorwills! 2/10.
  7. Reaver


    This scent has the same heavy dusty note that amps on me from Miskatonic University. It's almost a dupe until it dries down. Were Misk U goes woody and creamy on me, this goes sickly sweet. It's really hard to describe other than that! It doesn't smell like rum to me at all, but I like it nonetheless. 7/10
  8. Reaver

    Santa Muerte

    … A deep, resonant scent, both comforting and soft: lovers’ roses, solemn chrysanthemum, dark vetiver and dazzling cactus flowers. This is deliciously deep and very fresh. The rose isn't a green rose; it's more dusty and 'antiqued' but the other notes stop it from becoming too powdery. I'd safely say this as a unisex floral and it's 'dangerous' as most vetiver blends are but it's not heavy and oppressing, just quite hot-house-ish. I'd wanted to try this for quite a while and got my hands on an aged imp as a frimp from a friend – Yay! This is a summery scent for after the sun goes down. 7/10
  9. Reaver


    Straight on, this is the normal vetiver-based green cloud with super strong astringent throw. Thankfully, I know my skin and vetiver and gave it two minutes. Were I new to vetiver, it would have been washed off and discounted. After this, it's still quite astringent but it's almost a medicinal calming smell. Frankincense always smells calming to me as it's usually so sweet and I have so many good associations with it, and combining it with lavender makes this a really chilled scent. It's bright and clear due to the vetiver and cypress but it's so comforting as well. I wouldn't recommend this unless you know that you get on well with a few of the notes though - this scent seems to have every big-name failure in it, save for rose. Give this one time on skin. It's a morpher. 7/10 I like this and it's for times when I need a clear head without blasting myself with happy go-go scent.
  10. Reaver

    Marquise de Merteuil

    I always see comments that people love the smell of their BPAL box/cabinet and want that in a perfume. Well, I've found it. Or at least what my box smells like! (Lulz) With added peach. Kind of fruity, kind of resiny, kind of floral, kind of earthy. It all blends together to make a kind of expensive-smelling, well-rounded scent that I would never wear, ever. It's really pleasant, quite sweet and it brings brilliant thoughts to mind - stagecoaches and big frocks and for some reason, frogs (that'll be the vetiver kicking in) but I really think that this perfume is quite specific in the person that will want to wear it. It's almost like it was blended for a specific persons personality and I would find it quite hard to carry as it's so strong. As I'm not the right person, this will wear me not vice versa. 4/10 as it's nice enough, just a bit confused and too much in it to make it wearable for me.
  11. Reaver


    Pine toilet cleaner. Dead on. I can see how this could be a hit with people that use a different brand to me as the association might not be the same but I can't see myself wearing this without being conscious of people thinking I should be made of porcelain - for the WRONG reason. Nay-ta. 1/10
  12. Reaver

    Moon Rose

    This is rose (d'uh) but not overly sweet red red roses. This is like a dusky pink rose after it's been watered. For someone that really doesn't do florals too often, I'm surprised at how much I like this!? It's not my usual choice but it smells so clean and fresh that I could see myself using up the imp quite happily. It has a bit of a cheap bubble-bath scent feel to it but I think it's a good thing as it's not trying to be a posh rose. It's quite happy being just what it is - simple and cute. Keeper! 7/10. I really like this! It defies all previous logic, but I'm keeping it.
  13. Reaver


    This is the scent of the Lemon Flash wipes I used to clean my uni house kitchen. Nay-ta. 1/10. It doesn't smell BAD, I suppose.
  14. Reaver

    Death Cap

    Sweet, almost sugary soil. It's almost got the mossy note from Black Annis in it (which I love) and I can't believe this was sitting in my 'to-try' pile for so long!? This is gorgeous! It's like curling up and hibernating, it's so comforting. It's very nuzzly and I really wish that I had applied this to a more accessible place on my arm. This scent is so 'friendly' you almost want to have a tea party with it. It won't offend you mum, and your boyfriend will probably think it's alright as long as you spend time with him as well. The downside that I can see with this scent is that it doesn't last too long on my skin, but I can handle re-applying every hour or so to smell this good. 9/10... why can't you last longer?!
  15. Reaver


    Crazy sweet and smells like baking. This smells very spicy too, more like pumpkin pie than pumpkin and the peach is pretty clearly in the mix! This is a really great smell although it's not something I'd want to smell LIKE. I also wouldn't scent my room with it. It's more of a smell of something I'd like to eat. I 'get' the whole foody thing. I've even got a few of the stars of the foody catagory. But this is just TOO reminiSCENT (haha) of pie. 6/10. It's a good scent. Certainly an experience. But I don't know if I'd ever wear this so I have to pass on it. Lickable, yes. Wearable? Not so much.