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    I'm a big fan of apple, cinnamon, ginger, dry leaves, lemon, tea, and things that smell faintly old and dusty. I love rose, but it has to be just right to suit me. Foody scents and aquatics don't really suit me at all. Scents reminiscent of spice and trees, however, do suit me quite well. As such, my favorite BPALs so far are The Hesperides, The Dormouse, and Euphrosyne...I go back to those ones constantly. I'm going through a bit of a mania for Severin at the moment, too. I was a big wearer of Origins Ginger Essence for a while there, and, above all else, would like to find something like BNever's Love, which is my favorite scent ever, but there's no way I'm paying to have it shipped from England.


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    I never felt like much of a Leo when I was growing up, but now I find myself fairly typical. I'm still not quite extroverted, but the other traits...well...you take the good (generous, loyal, leaderly) and the bad (proud, stubborn, a bit egocentric) and you make the best of it. I was born on an odd day that makes me a little more quietly forceful than brashly commanding.
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  1. arichan

    The Sportive Sun

    You know...I think it's amber that I just don't like very much. Most of the things that I am put off by too much of an incenseness to them have amber in them. I chose this over Leo in an attempt to find something that was "me," but alas, it is not. I really wanted something that was, well, sunny. Maybe like sitting out on a wood deck in the summer or something. It's not bad, just not what I hoped for. I think the almond flower and frangipani seduced me in the description. I do like the cedar note, but overall, it's probably going to have to find a new home. Sorry Sportive Sun!
  2. arichan

    Sacred Whore of Babylon

    Finally, a "sexy" scent that suits me! I've been through Vixen, Love Me, Follow Me Boy, Black Phoenix, and a slough of others trying to get that "Come chat me up" vibe just right, and none of them have been right. I got this as a frimp, and it was love at first sniff. A big bottle will be gotten in the near future. It's a little sweet, a little floral, and just the teeniest bit foody-spicey. I'm rubbish at picking out notes, so I really have no idea what it is, just that it makes me happy. And a little woozy. In a good way. Yay!
  3. arichan


    Let me make it perfectly clear that I am the sort of person who loves marzipan, puts a dash of almond extract in anything remotely sweet that I make, and is known to wax rhapsodic over particularly delicious almond croissants. That said, I really like Eclipse. I love almond scents ("Really? Who'da thunk?"), but I had a bad time with the Queen of Sheba early in my BPAL experiences, so I had been hesitant to try other almond scents. This one is soooo good. Out of my whole order, only Baobhan Sith eclipses Eclipse in my heart, but it's a very strong second. We'll have to see if I feel sweet or tart in the morning when I decide which one to wear.
  4. arichan

    Baobhan Sith

    I LOVE this one! Which shouldn't surprise me at all, since I love citrus, ginger, tea, and apple notes, but I am really ecstatic over it. Just like neuilly said, it's perfect for summer, and I was really on a desperate quest this order for a good summer-appropriate scent. I don't recall ever being so immediately gaga over a scent...I feel like drooling Homer Simpson every time I sniff it.
  5. arichan


    For now, this'll have to be an "In the imp" only review, since I'm already wearing Bengal, and have way too many imps to decide which to slather on without them overwhelming each other . So, just sniffing this blindly (I never remember what things I ordered were supposed to smell like until I go back and look it up), my initial reaction was "WTF cantelope?" Mostly because I really, really hate cantelope, and never would've ordered something with a cantelope note. After going back and reading the description and remembering why I ordered it (because I love The Hesperides...bought a big bottle on this order), I...still smell cantelope primarily. Dunno if it's the dragon's blood or the white musk playing tricks, but it's just not happening for me. I'll have to bite the bullet and try it on to see if my mind is changed.