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  1. 3mi1ie

    Ghost Milk

    This was a risky blind bottle for me-- I liked the other notes enough to gamble on the white chocolate and unfortunately it did not work out. I was hoping for a creamy honey-vanilla cashmere thing, but I just get chalky, artificial chocolate in the bottle and on my skin. Worth noting that I'm very sensitive to and not a fan of chocolate scents so it's probably just my nose. Tragic.
  2. 3mi1ie


    i got this as an imp in my very first bpal order and it's still one of my favorite gc scents. wet it's all earl grey and cold milk. the floral notes float around in the background---bergamot being the most obvious--- and the honey lends it this delicious, subtle sweetness. as it dries and warms up that cold quality fades away and the carnation comes forward. eventually it ends up a slightly spicy, floral tea with lots of milk and honey. it's soft and feminine without being cloying or sugary and it wears very close in a my-skin-but-better way. i love her i love her i love her ❤️