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  1. Crow's Heart

    Golden Priapus

    I love this! It starts as a sharp wood scent that quickly morphs into a gorgeous warm vanilla with a slightly woody background. This might just be a new favorite, and I'm definitely getting a bottle.
  2. Crow's Heart


    I've been looking for a nice cinnamon-forward scent for a while now, and when I received this as a frimp, I thought I might have finally found it. In the bottle, it's a blast of pure, beautiful cinnamon. Wet, it's spiced almond. Very nice, even if it's not what I had hoped for. Dry, it completely turns into soap 😭 It also turns to soap on my mom, who usually amps cinnamon into oblivion. I'll keep it for the scent locket, but my search will have to continue...
  3. Crow's Heart

    The Lights of Men's Lives

    I had high hopes for this, but it just turned into sickeningly sweet vanilla on me, enough to make my stomach squirm. No smoke or even wax for me. I'm going to let it age and hope it mellows out somewhat.
  4. Crow's Heart


    I'm usually not a fan of roses and also tend to amp them, so I was skeptical about finally trying this. Surprisingly, it turned out to be one of my favorites from this order. Wet, there is something surprisingly sharp, almost medicinal, but that fades quickly. On drydown, the rose comes to the forefront, drowning out everything else. I was ready to despair that rose had ruined another scent for me. Luckily once dry, the rose turns into a much more mild version, surrounded by honeyed milk. I really like it like this. It stays close to the skin but is just so beautiful in the end that I keep sniffing my wrist. I'm definitely keeping it and might consider a bottle of this.