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  1. faerydusts

    Snow White

    2020 version! I can see why this is a classic, it's stunning. In the bottle I get soft, sweet snow and a whiff of florals -- fresh but never overwhelmingly green. Wears gorgeously on me, without going powdery. SUPER glad I took a chance on this and got a full bottle.
  2. faerydusts

    Mari Lwyd

    This may be my new favorite -- it reminds me of one of my tea blends. The Welsh cakes come across to me as biscotti, or fresh baked scones, and the lavender complements them perfectly. In the bottle: I'm getting Welsh cakes and lavender, not quite gourmand lavender but lovely. Wet: Definitely getting a sweet, bakery lavender. Reminds me of when my friend and I make Earl Grey tea with hazelnut syrup or powder. Over time I get a glimpse of the ale in the background, just like a whisper of sourness, but it's never outright boozy. Just lovely.
  3. faerydusts

    Pumpkin Pie Musk

    This one smells exactly like pumpkin pie on me, with just a bit of musk lurking underneath and around the edges. It's not particularly original, but if you're like me and you love pumpkin/autumnal gourmand scents and spend way too much money on pumpkin spice candles, you'll enjoy it. After a couple of hours the pumpkin settles down and the musk comes forward, and it's more subtly spicy on me. Pretty much gone after 5 hours, leaving only a hint of sweetness on my wrist. I'll take any imps anyone doesn't want!