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    Reading, writing, painting, knitting, making movies, creating costumes (I work for the Colorado Theater and Film Union as a costumer), Halloween, witchcraft, Good Omens, The Halloween Tree, all of Terry Pratchett and J. R. R. Tolkien's books, gardening, and spending time with my dog.


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  1. SilverInkAndStardust


    These are great suggestions guys, thank you.
  2. SilverInkAndStardust


    Hey guys, I'm still new to BPAL and I have been exploring with a few scents, I purchased the Vanilla Imp Pack thinking the scents would be a good neutral starter pack. Since my purchase I have learned that I don't do well with amber or musk in scents which is unfortunate since more than half of the scents from the Vanilla Imp Pack had both of those in their mixtures. Now I am looking to try something new. I really like sweet scents like water lily, lilac, rose, wisteria, plum, caramel, vanilla, currants, jasmine, and honeysuckle. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for new scents to try based on what I like scent wise. There are so many to choose from and since neither the individual scents or imps are cheap I wanted to get a better idea of what everyone thought before I made a purchase. If you have any suggestions please reply.