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  1. RoseDaigle

    GOOD JUDY: Fruit Judy

    Bottle, given. In the sample: Soft, very fruity and sweeter. I can't figure out which fruit(s) has been used. Wet, on me: Exotic fruits, with added sugar. It smells like a dessert. Later: It smells like artificial food flavourings or a Juicy Fruit, but it's actually quite funny. It's a fun one to have for Summer. Worth keeping? Yes.
  2. RoseDaigle

    DANS UN JARDIN: Fruit De La Passion

    Free sample, given. In the sample: Mostly floral, no exotic fruit. I'm a bit disappointed. Wet, on me: Intense cheap floral stench, still no fruit. Later: It's soft, like commercial soap. It disappears quickly, but it's a good thing because what remains is better and sweeter. Worth keeping? No.