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    To My Dear and Loving Husband

    Bottle: Bourbon vanilla, champaca, and little prickles of tea. Wet: More tea comes forward, the patchouli is adding a lazy rasp. Dry: Agarwood, bourbon vanilla, soft tea, very subtle patchouli, and warm frankincense. Overall: Extremely well-blended, smells like how my husband's voice sounds. I will admit I (as a sappy bastard) 110% got this purely based on the name, but the notes are all absolute winners for me! The agarwood behaves nicely in the overall comfy and warm blend. Perfect for snuggling up on a rainy day.
  2. SeroSpu

    Winter Moon

    Bottle: White florals, a hint of lavender and cedar, and a very small tinge of tabac. Wet: Thick white flower petals over a backdrop of tabac and cedar. Lavender has disappeared somewhat. Dry: A little tingle of greenness from the lavender; tabac over cedar and soft white florals. Overall: I have to admit that this unintentionally came into my possession, but it's actually really lovely! White florals tend to smell intense/overbearing on me, but the florals here are kept in check. A pale and chilly blend.
  3. SeroSpu

    Epidote Phoenix

    Bottle: Very fresh and evergreen; smells like freshly snapped pine branches. Wet: Evergreen mania! Dry: Softer, more of the moss is coming through. Feels like being in a sunlight-warmed forest. Overall: This is an extremely nostalgic scent for me - I spent a lot of my childhood in the PNW hiking and clamoring through the forests in my neighborhood. 11/10 would recommend if you love walking through the woods!
  4. SeroSpu

    Lick It With Consent (2016)

    (2019 Version) Bottle: A cannon blast of peppermint with just a touch of sugar. Wet: Sharp, sweetened peppermint. Very much like a peppermint puff! Dry: Soft and cozy sweet peppermint. Overall: I mostly bought this for the cause, but this has turned out as the scent to nudge me towards some foodier scents! This is great for layering with Bliss and Lump of Coal, and I'm sure it layers well with many others.
  5. SeroSpu


    Bottle: Primarily lavender and blood orange with just a touch of cacao. Wet: As in bottle, but with a bit of the incense and dragon's blood coming in. Dry: Incense-y dragon's blood cooled by lavender and sharpened by orange. Overall: An apt interpretation of the sorcerer class - as ajansuz mentioned, it has a swirling vibe. This is one of my favorite scents for unwinding after A Day™, since it comes off as simultaneously soothing, uplifting, and grounding.
  6. SeroSpu


    Bottle: Citrus mania, heavy on the lemon. It reminds me a bit of GOJO? (Not a bad thing imo, it's very nostalgic) Wet: A bit sweeter from amber, still bright and cheery citrus. Dry: Softened and sweetened lemon; very happy. Overall: This is a super summery blend! Whenever I'm feeling a bit low, this helps to cheer me up.
  7. SeroSpu


    Bottle: Red musk, spices, and clove. Deep, earthy red ochre. Wet: More pimento and spice over a patch base. Oud not a strong presence to my nose at all! Dry: Earthy red musk with spices/clove/basil. Overall: Like a crimson leaf decaying into the soil. It really makes me miss living in a place with proper autumn. :<
  8. SeroSpu

    Raccoon Moon 2020

    Bottle: Backdrop of conifer and patchouli, with lots of spicy birch and a bit of soil. Florals are present, but quite faint to my nose. Wet: Snow and florals are coming forward while the birch and patchouli take a step back. The hay and brown musk are adding a touch of sweetness. For once, I'm getting a fair hit of osmanthus! Dry: Subtly earthy florals tumbled up with hay, evergreens, and birch. Overall: This was quite the morpher on me! It's just about as perfect a winter-spring crux scent as there could possibly be - it skillfully toes the line between evergreens and fresh florals. In a surprise to me, I don't get much of the gardenia at all/patchouli once it's dried, but I do get a hefty dash of osmanthus. In a way, it smells like the earth waking up after a long winter.
  9. SeroSpu

    Winter Trees

    Bottle: Primarily verbena grounded by pale woods. Wet: Lots of lightly sweetened verbena over a wood base with small flickers of fir. Dry: Sweetened woods with a tiny dash of fir. The verbena lightened up considerably once dry. A pale yellow-green scent, perfect for the end of winter. This is quite a change of pace from my typical earthy scents, but it's soft and cheery.
  10. SeroSpu

    Winter Stars

    Bottle: Quite cold-smelling, the lavender and cypress stand out the most to me. Very evocative - reminds me of a clear winter sky. Wet: Sweet patchouli and blue musk overlaid with lavender and cypress with a slice of the lemon and bergamot. Dry: Soft, grounded lavender with a touch of citrus. A wistful scent for me, especially after moving away from a cold climate. It's hard to put into words, but it's like winter stargazing in a bottle with a gust of cold wind.
  11. SeroSpu


    Bottle: Exceedingly languid and gritty, getting mostly tobacco and moss. Wet: Tobacco, vetiver, and moss. Not too much patch, surprisingly. Dry: Soft, cozy, and earthy. On me the vetiver is adding a pleasant dried grass note. This seems like it would be perfect for wearing while cuddling up in front of a fireplace--very cozy! I'm pleasantly surprised with how soft it got once it dried.
  12. SeroSpu

    Coffee Bean, Indonesian Vetiver, Black Oud, & Patchouli

    Bottle: Very very smooth, none of the notes are punching each other out. Wet: Coffee grubbied up with patchouli, very slight earthiness from the vetiver, barely any oud. Dry: More of the vetiver has come forward, still not much oud. I like this one a lot, although I'm surprised the coffee isn't more of a presence - I'm thinking it was just blanketed by the heavier notes. It'll be interesting to see how this ages!
  13. SeroSpu


    Bottle: Spicy cranberries with bergamot hanging out in the back. Wet: Tart!!! Primarily cranberry and pepper with the bergamot adding extra sharpness. Very briefly skirted candle-esque territory until it was dry. Dry: More pepper comes forward, with a quieter cranberry and some brightness from the bergamot. Gradually softens over the wear time. I really really love this! I make homemade cranberry sauce from scratch, and this reminds me a lot of that. I'm happy that more of the pepper came through once it was dry. The bergamot wasn't very forward on me, but it brightened everything up nicely. A very cheery scent for those dreary winter days. ❄️
  14. SeroSpu

    Chant D'Automne

    In the bottle: Getting heaps of dead leaves, followed by vetiver and small touches of musk and tobacco. Wet: Charred wood and tobacco come to the forefront, while the leaves/vetiver take a step back. The amber is starting to become more of a presence. Dry: Softened, burned wood and leaves with a trickle of tobacco. As it continued to dry, the amber continued to soften the earthy/smoky notes. This particular blend has a handful of my favorite notes - I'm glad I leapt at a bottle! It reminds me of late autumn bonfires, and it's quite cozy as Lucchesa mentioned.
  15. SeroSpu

    Pomegranate Smoke Hair Gloss

    This is an absolute winner! The pomegranate is nicely tart and I'm positively charmed by the cypress really shining through. If you're hesitant when it comes to oudh, this one hangs back quite a bit.
  16. SeroSpu

    The Shadowed Veil

    In the bottle: Getting all of the notes except for the pomegranate incense. Wet: Much the same as in the bottle, slightly more redolent. Pomegranate is sort of peeking around through the edges. Dry: All notes are present and accounted for! It's quite smooth and sultry with just a touch of grittiness from the patchouli. A very alluring scent! It got a bit sweeter when freshly applied, but it slid back into earthy territory straightaway.
  17. SeroSpu

    The Blood Must Flow

    In the bottle: Well-blended, smoldering wood with faint chamomile. Wet: Primarily woods and resins, the chamomile and DB have come forward just a little bit more. Dry: Strong, resinous woods with tendrils of chamomile and smoke. I really love how much this smells like damp, burning wood. It's very slightly sweet, but overall it's woody and quite unisex.
  18. SeroSpu

    Sustained Boos

    In the bottle: Getting lots of coffee bean/nutmeg/clove, but it's all cooled down by the aldehyde (?). Smells sweet to me - kind of like the center of Tootsie Pop. Wet: More of the spice is coming out! The nag champa/benzoin are in the back with a very faint whiff of sandalwood. Dry: Far less chilly! Lots of warm spices and wood, the amber and benzoin are lending a small hint of sweetness. This morphed a LOT - overall it kinda reminds me of coming in out of the cold and having a hot drink. ☕ I'm not sure why it smelled so sweet to me in the bottle, but once it's on my skin the spices really come out!
  19. SeroSpu


    In the imp: Very astringent juniper overpowering everything else! Wet: Slightly less juniper, getting more of the patchouli. Drydown: The juniper is weirdly gone, or at least really toned down. Now it smells like petrichor, which I absolutely love! Dry: Still lots of petrichor (presumably from the patch), with some wet rose/pine peeking through. Verdict: I was really surprised by this one; the initial bottle sniff turned me off, but I'm really glad I gave it a shot! I'll definitely be getting a full bottle of this once the imp runs out.