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  1. slo

    They Shut Me Up in Prose

    I wasn't looking at the notes when I tried this and def thought there was some macadamia nut in there. And I don't get osmanthus at all. But I do love it for all the other reasons reviewers above me have said more eloquently.
  2. slo

    Gingerbread & Lemon Sugar

    So I got this one cuz gingerbread and lavender sugar from last year might just be my favorite yule ever and I thought if this was anything like that except lemony it would be a winner...in the bottle it kinda smells like it could be, but on the skin is a different story ha. Some of the reviews scared me a bit cuz lemon tends to go to cleaner on me (except lemon sticky bat and other sugary/sweet lemons) - luckily this doesn't do that for me! It's not at all what I expected , but I do like it.. On drydown, there is no gourmand, gooey, rich gingerbread here. It's more of an effervescent ginger - coupled with the lemon, which reads more like lemon candy than lemon sugar crystals - I'm getting a ginger ale/lemon soda vibe with maybe an extra dash of spice lurking in the background.
  3. slo

    Overlooking the Garden

    this reminds me of on the porch in the rain in the aquatic-vibe sense, but "rain" is just about the only "aquatic" i can do - it smells fresher, less sharp, aaalmost soapy, but like clean earth/air. this one seems even more "springtime" tho with the grass instead of bamboo. .the grass might be a little much/too literal for me to personally want to wear, but if you're into that you'll like it 😛 the amber adds a sweet, sun-kissed quality, but on my skin it almost clashes with the grass. overall, I'm happy to be wearing it today after what feels like years of rain (i'm a California girl, I have no tolerance lol), hoping the sun will come out soon. it's a nice mood-scent and i'll enjoy my decant in this winter-spring transitional rainy weather, but it's probably not what i want to smell like regularly. regular wear and throw.
  4. slo

    Travel Buddies

    This one is great aromatherapy! Soothing and uplifting at the same time. Unfortunately, on my skin the lemon amps in a sharp sort of way I'm not too fond of. I want to love this and lemon so so bad 😭
  5. slo

    Ubi Bene, Ibi Patria

    I'm in the camp that wanted to like meditation buddy..and for the most part did..but wanted it to have something "more." This might be it. Wet/in the imp: smells spicy sweet, intriguing - goes on very much like bubblegum tho. Like pink bubblegum with some spice hmmm... Drydown: the pink bubblegum vibe fades out pretty quickly , but it stays sweet (more sugar cookie I guess), but the sweetness is tempered by the incense and a touch of lavender - it's aaalmost floral but I wouldn't call it rose if it weren't listed. straight rose rarely works on me, but the lab's "rose petals" for some reason is usually ok. this isn't even "rose petals" to my nose tho - it's almost more like carnation since there's some spice in there. the Florida water isn't aquatic per se but combined with the amber it just gives this a floating, ethereal vibe. It's soothing, but in a daytime wear way for me. Average wear and throw. This could be a surprise hit of the Lilith travelogue for me.
  6. slo

    Son of biggerCritter

    Wet/in bottle: sweet citrus (not just lime) coconut, like a (virgin) tropical drink On skin: lemon usually goes to cleaner on me, but lime is usually OK. Not sure about lemon balm..I've taken it as a tincture but not quite sure what it smells like in the perfume world. I thought this was turning to cleaner tho and was about to throw it in the destash pile when DH came home and I got the highest compliment ("mmmm you smell good")..so I guess I'm keeping it? Dry: what my nose interprets as cleaner goes away and the scent overall is pretty soft, but it's like a creamy citrus flavored macaroon (the coconut kind as opposed to the French ones) - heavier on the coconut and pretty foodie, but with a soft edge. I'm not mad about it. I think this scent will shine better in warmer weather tho.
  7. slo

    Jojo the Dog Faced Boy

    I got this based on the reviews that the leather isn't very strong because all the other notes sounded so lovely to me, but I do not do well with leather. And I'm happy to report I get maaybe 2 seconds of super soft leather max Soo if you're looking for a leather blend this definitely isn't it, but if you're looking for a clean cuddly spa scent this is definitely it! Wet/in bottle: this is way sweeter and more perfumey than I expected - it almost has a floral aspect. Based on this impression alone it was headed to the destash pile ... On skin: fresh and cuddly all at the same time - it really is like a spa fragrance in that it smells clean and relaxing, but for me it's the elusive daytime lavender. I'm a lavender fiend but only have one or two other lavenders that I enjoy wearing during the day. It's not a sharp lavender/it has a little sweetness (maybe from the sage?) but it's really not a super sweet blend anymore. I think the sage keeps it fresh and the musk keeps it warm - it's an interesting concept, but it works! Drydown: it's aaaalmost soapy, but in a way I like - like a high end soap rather than irish spring. Low throw, so its like clean, straight from the spa skin - great for work. I don't think to wear this one cuz much the smell from the bottle is a bit off-putting, but I have to remember what it's like on skin !
  8. slo


    Wet: yummy resinous, spice blend - not too dry, but not to sweet. Warm and well blended. On skin: the cedar really amps on me, but the spices are still there in the background, like the wood is infused with them. Drydown: the cedar remains the strongest note throughout, but it's a warm non hamster shavings wood (on me at l least) and everything else is so well blended and just so lovely, as if you opened a box filled with spices and incense and all the things that I love. A hippie scent without patchouli i.e., what im always on the hunt for! Def recommend if you love wood, resins, spice, and incense half as much as I do 😛
  9. slo

    Ginger Cardamom Hair Gloss

    This is a yummy sparkling fresh ginger, not at all foodie, almost summery to me - reminds me of the ginger in vespertilio, which is one of my favorites. There is a bit of a dryer spice behind it, but could be just the power of suggestion of cardamom. I almost wish this had a creaminess or fruity element tho to make it deeper/less "one note" as it were, but I guess that's what layerying is for 😛 Also, seems to fade a bit fast, but I had that same problem with the ginger note in vespertilio (as much as I otherwise adore it).
  10. slo


    Not much to add to all the amazing reviews, but I would like all the buckets of this please! I enjoyed last year's black Friday decants (stillness and silence), but was happy with just the decants. But not this year, incolumitas is basically everything - it's the most perfect lavender, with the softest touch of sweet sage, warmed by vanilla and the faintest whiff of earthy patchouli to keep it all in check. I would say it's in the same family as daybreak (probably my all time fave lavender if someone forced me to choose), but just a touch less sweet and more grounded - I don't want to say more perfect because I can't get my hands on more
  11. slo

    And There Was A Great Cry In Egypt

    THIS is a prime example of why not to judge a blend by how it smells in the bottle . wet/in the bottle: i'm an incense/resin lover, but this smelled far too astringent/masculine/cologney and like the bad kind of woods (threatening hamster shavings). I was ready to instantly throw it in the swaps, but decided to give it a go since it really is a collection of many of my all time fave notes (and others that are usually at least OK with not one "death" note). drydown: Within five minutes this developed into exactly what I wanted it to be - warm, but dry, lightly spiced incense and wood. I don't really have anything else to add to all the glowing reviews, but I also agree that throw and wear is pretty light (esp for a resinous blend on me) lesson learned to reserve judgment!
  12. slo

    Slime Queen

    There's a "cotton candy" tea at David's tea I adore - for the smell as much as the flavor. I always thought it would make a beautiful perfume. That's almost exactly what this is. A divine pink sugared light tea.
  13. slo

    The Pit & The Pendulum

    I wore this on one wrist and midnight mass on the other today for a comparison. they are both gorgeous incense blends (that have aged beautifully), but the pit is definitely drier and more woodsy. the pit to me is actually more "churchy." but I didn't grow up in the church, so it's kind of my imagination what "churchy" smells like - maybe more solemn, a slight herbal quality, and and with the heavy wood from the pews - like you can really feel the weight of it, as opposed to midnight mass which is definitely sweeter and lighter in spirit. it's comforting tho - great for a crisp grey day like today when i feel rain is coming. good throw and wear too.
  14. slo

    Blue Pumpkin Floss Hair Gloss

    blue pumpkin floss might be my favorite pumpkin and I really like pumpkin so I was super excited to get it in hair gloss too! wet: this is definitely blue pumpkin floss, yum! dry: this doesn't have the same complexity that the perfume has on my skin - with the perfume i feel like i can smell the individual sugar crystals and it's truly blue and pumpkin and the weirdest combo but it's blended so well it's magical. Here, I just get the blue (yes, I smell the color) and the pumpkin (sweet, spicy), without that crystalization floss effect. ultimately, pumpkin takes the day. i really do love it tho and will be picking up a bottle, even if it doesn't have the same magic as the oil.
  15. slo

    Sweet Strawberry Gingerbread

    wet: in the bottle all i get is a blast of strawberries - super sweet and juicy. drydown: the gingerbread starts to emerge, lending a little spice and warmth, but it never goes full-on foodie. maybe it's the mint that's keeping it a little "fresh"? but i never detect mint as an individual note. it starts to take on a little bit of a cabbage patch doll smell, but it never really turns plasticky soo yay! sweet strawberry is definitely the dominant note throughout wear - at first it seemed more like fresh, ripe strawberries, but on final drydown it blends with the other notes to be more hard candy. good wear and throw. I see this wearing well in the spring or summer, maybe layer with extra gingerbread for true foodie/winter.