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  1. slo


    Not much to add to all the amazing reviews, but I would like all the buckets of this please! I enjoyed last year's black Friday decants (stillness and silence), but was happy with just the decants. But not this year, incolumitas is basically everything - it's the most perfect lavender, with the softest touch of sweet sage, warmed by vanilla and the faintest whiff of earthy patchouli to keep it all in check. I would say it's in the same family as daybreak (probably my all time fave lavender if someone forced me to choose), but just a touch less sweet and more grounded - I don't want to say more perfect because I can't get my hands on more
  2. slo

    And There Was A Great Cry In Egypt

    THIS is a prime example of why not to judge a blend by how it smells in the bottle . wet/in the bottle: i'm an incense/resin lover, but this smelled far too astringent/masculine/cologney and like the bad kind of woods (threatening hamster shavings). I was ready to instantly throw it in the swaps, but decided to give it a go since it really is a collection of many of my all time fave notes (and others that are usually at least OK with not one "death" note). drydown: Within five minutes this developed into exactly what I wanted it to be - warm, but dry, lightly spiced incense and wood. I don't really have anything else to add to all the glowing reviews, but I also agree that throw and wear is pretty light (esp for a resinous blend on me) lesson learned to reserve judgment!
  3. slo

    Slime Queen

    There's a "cotton candy" tea at David's tea I adore - for the smell as much as the flavor. I always thought it would make a beautiful perfume. That's almost exactly what this is. A divine pink sugared light tea.
  4. slo

    The Pit & The Pendulum

    I wore this on one wrist and midnight mass on the other today for a comparison. they are both gorgeous incense blends (that have aged beautifully), but the pit is definitely drier and more woodsy. the pit to me is actually more "churchy." but I didn't grow up in the church, so it's kind of my imagination what "churchy" smells like - maybe more solemn, a slight herbal quality, and and with the heavy wood from the pews - like you can really feel the weight of it, as opposed to midnight mass which is definitely sweeter and lighter in spirit. it's comforting tho - great for a crisp grey day like today when i feel rain is coming. good throw and wear too.
  5. slo

    Blue Pumpkin Floss Hair Gloss

    blue pumpkin floss might be my favorite pumpkin and I really like pumpkin so I was super excited to get it in hair gloss too! wet: this is definitely blue pumpkin floss, yum! dry: this doesn't have the same complexity that the perfume has on my skin - with the perfume i feel like i can smell the individual sugar crystals and it's truly blue and pumpkin and the weirdest combo but it's blended so well it's magical. Here, I just get the blue (yes, I smell the color) and the pumpkin (sweet, spicy), without that crystalization floss effect. ultimately, pumpkin takes the day. i really do love it tho and will be picking up a bottle, even if it doesn't have the same magic as the oil.
  6. slo

    Sweet Strawberry Gingerbread

    wet: in the bottle all i get is a blast of strawberries - super sweet and juicy. drydown: the gingerbread starts to emerge, lending a little spice and warmth, but it never goes full-on foodie. maybe it's the mint that's keeping it a little "fresh"? but i never detect mint as an individual note. it starts to take on a little bit of a cabbage patch doll smell, but it never really turns plasticky soo yay! sweet strawberry is definitely the dominant note throughout wear - at first it seemed more like fresh, ripe strawberries, but on final drydown it blends with the other notes to be more hard candy. good wear and throw. I see this wearing well in the spring or summer, maybe layer with extra gingerbread for true foodie/winter.
  7. slo

    The Orange Window Hair Gloss

    wet: juicy, fresh oranges dipped in honey yummm dry: this goes to chewable orange vitamins (that's better than cleaner, right?) i love orange in theory, but it so rarely behaves with my chemistry/nose and unfortunately this is no exception for me - ymmv!
  8. slo

    California Leaf-Nosed Bat

    Wet: this goes on as a beautiful desert floral - dry, but a little sweet with some spice in there. hard to pick out individual notes, but maybe just because i'm not that familiar with them. anyway, it's totally unique and worth trying. however... dry: within 5 minutes this goes straight to soap on my skin! boo hoo chemistry. hard to say which note is doing that? but if i had to guess i'd say maybe the sagauro? just read it can smell kind of like melons and while i don't necessarily get "melon" from this blend, it is a death note for me. on final drydown a little green and a little spice come back to at least make this a pleasant/expensive smelling soap, but still a little heartbreaking.
  9. slo

    Three Children with a Goat Cart Hair Gloss

    I agree with the above...I looove the resins and teak and there is just a hint of lemon to freshen it up/keep it from being so heavy. Lemon tends to go cleaner on my skin, but I do love the smell and it's so nice to be able to wear it in my hair without my chemistry messing it up! the leather is definitely somewhere in the mix there too, tho, and I'm not so much a leather fan so that might be the one thing keeping me from jumping on a bottle. It's also kind of low throw (not necessarily a bad thing for me)
  10. slo

    Southern Yellow Bat Hair Gloss

    The patchouli in this to me is actually the strongest note. It's not a heavy/dirty patchouli (more of a sweet earthiness), it's just the note that stands out the most to my nose - DH (unfortunately) can't stand patchouli and the second he walked into the room after I had sprayed my hair he wrinkled his nose and said he didn't like the smell. The pumpkin and amber come out next, and I don't really get much almond at all, but once dry I do get this warm, brown, kind of earthy sweet, but not quite foodie, pumpkin blend. As a pumpkin and patchouli lover, I do think it's quite nice soo if those notes are your jam, give it a try, but if not it'll probably be a pass.
  11. slo

    Jupiter Nourished by the Goat Amalthea

    Wet: When I first sniffed this I got the most beautiful goat milk (creamy with a little earthy) with ambrosia (non-specific fruit, a touch of marshmallow even), and golden honey/nectar (adding a touch of sweetness/juiciness to it, but in an earthy/organic way) - it was heaven! drydown: this went to straight butter on my skin pretty quickly. I didn't see that happening to anyone else in the reviews, but after about 30 mins that's all I get! It's a very rich, organic butter with maybe a touch of sweetness, not so much baked goods foodie to me as just raw, fresh butter - i could see that being someone's thing (it's basically what I imagine white larry smelling like based on the notes without having actually sniffed it), but that's not really my thing. Throw and wear length are better than average takeaway: if the initial stage lasted longer (or if I wanted to smell like butter) this would be an instant bottle/backup bottle purchase. as it is, i'll probably hang on to my imp.
  12. slo

    Ghost Faced Bat

    I love these notes. Half my collection is creamy, sweet, vanilla, and/or coconut. It seemed like a no brainer. Wet: my mind concluded the note was "coconut milk" rather than "sugared coconut meat" and "condensed milk" when I first sniffed this in the bottle and on the skin. Not bad, just not sure it's what I wanted from this blend - nowhere near as sweet/foodie as I expected and it's not a tropical coconut either - to my nose, it's basically the coconut meat sn with a dose of milk. Drydown: As it dries, the benzoin with my chemistry threatens to go a little gasoliney, but it calms down and combines with the vanilla to give a nice depth to the "coconut milk". I don't ever get much, if any, honey note. although it does seem to sweeten up a little bit, it's more sugar/vanilla than honey to me (or maybe it's just a light honey). This scent lingers for quite some time and the longer it's on me the more I like it- it's comforting. ultimately, though, I think I have plenty of scents in the creamy/coconut/vanilla category that I like more from start to finish/agree better with my chemistry. average throw, good wear.
  13. slo


    I got this one because pine, sage, and juniper all tend to work super well on me/I like those notes, but i didn't have anything "foresty" or predominantly any of these notes in my collection soo it kind of felt like a niche to fill. Ivy was the one note I have less experience with and didn't know so much about and as the reviewer above, that seems to be the number one note that stands out to me. Wet: I definitely get a blast of sticky pine, but there is also something almost aquatic - I'm guessing that's the ivy since it's not something I'm really familiar with. Drydown: as it dries the pine backs of some - I was definitely expecting something more woodsy or herbal, but this isn't either. It seems to lead toward masculine, which isn't necessarily a bad thing - it's clean and fresh and green without going soapy. On final drydown there is a very slight sweetness if i look for it hard (maybe some sage or juniper finally peeking through). Final thoughts: not what I expected, but it still fills a hole in my collection that consists of mostly girly/creamy/spicy stuff - good for when I'm in the mood for something "crisp" and clean. I will still be on the lookout for that pine/sage mix tho cuz that sounds fabulous! Average wear and throw. If you love ivy, this is for you. If sage or juniper are death notes, this could still work.
  14. slo

    Pumpkin IV (2007)

    It's been a number of years since the last review - just got my hands on an aged bottle Wet: slightly spicy, slightly buttery pumpkin with a dryness to it - altho pumpkin is definitely there, it's not really a heavy/gourmand type of scent Drydown: the pumpkin fades into the background fairly quickly (less than 30 mins), leaving behind a dry, sweet herby floral with just a hint of warmth to ground it and keep it from going full desert. It's quite lovely (especially for a warm fall day when you want something seasonally appropriate but a heavy foody scent just doen't seem right), but unfortunately stays very very close to the skin (after an hour I can only catch a trace if i smash my nose into my wrist) and disappears all to quickly on me glad i got my hands on a bottle for slathering, but i can see myself reaching for other, longer-lasting pumpkins more. i really love all the notes here and what they're doing - just wish it lasted longer/had more throw!
  15. slo

    Wynter Wakeneth Al My Care

    I blind bought a bottle cuz I just knew these notes would be the perfect combo for me. And I found this scent to be so incredibly grounding and comforting and just the perfect balance of the deep hippie, incensey blends I love, without going too far in either direction, with just a touch of sweetness i.e., perfection - then the SO was like wtf are you wearing (he's all about the citrus/fruity/sweet, go figure) and said I smelled like dirt/claimed it gave him a headache (this is by no means a strong fragrance! idk) soo I gave my bottle to my sister. I kinda want it back now tho lol boo.