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  1. SurenaMarie

    Antique Lace

    Antique Lace 2017 I was fortunate to be able to attend C2E2 this year and they had bottles of the famed Antique Lace! Wet: Vanilla and a linen. It's is a warm cozy scent that just envelopes you. As it dries down it turns into the most wonderful creamy vanilla I've ever smelled. I always want to wear vanilla but it always ends up smelling too much like a baked good or artificial. This vanilla is none of those things to me. I have never bought a backup bottle for anything until this scent.
  2. SurenaMarie

    Snake's Kiss

    Oh goodness! This scent is just so lovely. When it's wet it's really fresh, sweet sugared lemon. It reminds me a bit of sticky bat but not as astringent or tangy if that makes any sense. As it dries down the snake oil steps forward but it's still a very light. Snake oil by itself can be heavy and turn into incense on my skin (which isn't bad necessarily, just not my vibe) but the lightness of all the other ingredients makes it super wearable. I am ridiculously happy with this purchase! It's like a cutie pie snake enjoying some sunshine. ❤️
  3. SurenaMarie

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Wow wow wow! An all in one scent? That sounds AMAZING! Thank you for the rec! Fury, I have been meaning to try that for some time! Is it offered every Yule?
  4. SurenaMarie

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Hi There!! I have been out of the bpal loop for several years and now there are just so many scents! At the risk of feeling overwhelmed, I thought I try and get some dope recs here first! My top 5 are: 1. Bastet 2. Dorian 3. TKO 4. Pink Snow Balls 5. Green Tree Viper I like sweeter feminine scents. Or scents that are really comforting and relaxing. I am a student taking 18 credit hours, working full time and voice acting on two podcasts so I feel like any scent that is balancing or feels like a hug would make my day. Thanks everyone!