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  1. lilkye

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    Oh...I would DEFINITELY love to find a spreadsheet/database of BPAL fragrances and descriptions if there is anyone who keeps track of them recently/now. Please, please PM me if you can help... Thanks alot! Oklies....I managed to find the wrong posts....most recent I found were 2005 'till I posted.... Thank you everyone who posts their lists and spreadsheets for everyone to use! -Kye
  2. lilkye

    De Sade

    OH!!...don't know if this has been hit upon yet, but the first thing I thought of when I smelled this (and the thing I love about it) is how it changes and affects other BPAL oils....brings a bit of depth and allure/mystique (?)...to other scents...I love the fact that if I can't find a scent I'm in the mood for, mixing this with others almost always makes another great scent to choose from (ok...light and aquatic scents might not mix well, but I generally don't have many of those anyways, so I don't know for sure). -Kye
  3. lilkye


    Funny... I am going through my stash....making stay or go decisions on my imps, and I splashed Satyr while opening it. STRONG....and very spicy. But the strange thing is....I'm reading these reviews to get a better idea of what I'm smelling and it seems a bit off....but I actually have another scent on my one arm that is taking alot of the bitter/sharp/tang out of the scent (on me at least). I tried Burt's Bee's Milk & Honey Body Lotion on my right arm to see how it felt and smelled an hour ago, I spilled my Satyr on my fingers...and when I rubbed it on my arms I didn't bother to rub wrists since they both had it... The difference is rather big....the lotion seems to help hold on to alot of the warmer notes of the Satyr....while adding a deep slightly sweet note that my other wrist (with just Satyr) doesn't have. It also seems to take away a bit of the nose stinging quality I get while sniffing just the Satyr alone. I love just tripping over great mixes....I think I'll stick with this one -Kye