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  1. oceandessa

    Black Hellebore

    I think Beth has outdone herself with the latest selections in Rappacini's Garden. Like Shadow Witch Orchid, Cobra Lily and Blood Lotus, this is very unique. In the imp, it is a cool green - not a sharp evergreen, not herbal green, but a liquid teal-tinged green. The peony note wafts in and out but never quite settles. Absolutely wonderful! I think it's my favorite BPAL peony scent.
  2. oceandessa

    Shadow Witch Orchid

    This is breathtaking! This is not an orchid that I have ever smelled before. It's musty yet airy, kinda dry. It has a very similar biting quality to Pele and Al-Araaf, even though they have no common ingredients. If you asked me what colour this scent is I would say a translucent pink-heathered grey. A very gentle floral, one that lets your skin shine through it. I love it!
  3. oceandessa

    Blood Lotus

    I made a mental note to seek this out just a few weeks before the lab generously threw this in as a frimp. I had just started to appreciate the beauty of lotus (Al-Araaf) when I decided that it would be the perfect foil for dragon's blood, which tends to dominate blends on my skin and turn them into soap. My instinct prooved me right! Blood Lotuns is perfectly balanced between lotus and dragon's blood. A perfect sweet resiny blend. Smells like bubble gum in the vial, but is very well grounded on the skin. My only complaint is that it fades a bit too fast. For those who can't wear either lotus or dragon's blood on their own, but who secretly long to be able to wear them, this is a very good scent to try. Ironic and somewhat scary but there you have it.
  4. oceandessa

    Cobra Lily

    I am completely in love with Cobra Lily. It is miraculous that a bright orange lily-based scent should work so amazingly on my skin but it does! Imagine the rich bottom heavy note in Tiger Lily overlaid by something spicy and thick and salty. I would be surprised if this had orange in it because orange notes turn into powder on my skin, and this remains very juicy and relatively stable. It's definitely predatory and overtly sexy, but surprisingly close to the skin. It makes me want to prance around in gold bangles and a luxurious shawl. Excellent for those days when I need a dollop of bright haughty confidence. I love it!
  5. oceandessa

    King of Spades

    I have a swoony mad crush on the King of Spades. I recieved my first imp from the lovely Penance, and within two seconds was in love love love. It starts off greenish, crunchy and somewhat sweet, but also deep and balanced. After a while, the greeness disappears into a gentle whiff, and the deep round sweetness of the scent emerges to perfection. A complex yet harmonious collection of smells. This scent is really a miracle too: it has scents that amy body chemistry usually destroys (vetiver, coconut, fruit, oakmoss), but in combination smell wonderful on me! I think this proves that Beth is God. I sadly missed out on getting a bottle; I would have loved to have a nice KoS bottle to enshrine next to my KoD bottle. I have had wonderful luck with the Kings so far, and the fact that they come in beautiful bottles is gravy. I can't wait for the KoC! I will just have to resist the urge to bathe in the KoS and use my imp only for special occasions. This will be brutally difficult. I don't use emoticons very much, but this scent deserves this
  6. oceandessa

    Rose Cross

    Once again the lab's intuition is astounding. I love roses, and I love frankinscence, and what do I get as a freebie in my Chaste Moon order? Yep, Rose Cross. I am absolutely thrilled with this scent. Rose Cross is the Holy Virgin to the whore that is Spellbound, and Spellbound is my favorite sex-drenched, night-time BPAL scent. A gorgeous, pure oil. The frankinscence provides the scent with a high nose, wet note that is absolutely magical. The rose is fluttery and sweet. Rose Cross stays true to its in-the-bottle scent when it's on the skin, and it lasts for a very long time. It has the same throw as Spellbound, the same quality, but this would work much better for a day scent than Spellbound does. I love it!
  7. oceandessa

    Hexennacht (2005, 2016, 2019)

    This is one of the most gorgeous scents I have ever tried. It's a smokey green scent that is identical to the base of Samhain without any of the almost-cloying sweetness. Wearing it on a summery day feels wrong because of the strong autumnal association. But my goodness, is it ever lovely. In the bottle it is sharp green, and once it hits the skin it turns into that smokey green base and pretty much stays like this for hours. It is very similar to Hunter Moon, but whereas I hated Hunter Moon, I absolutely love this. I don't really get any vetiver from it at all. I can see a very large layering potential with this scent. With O, with Samhain (to cut down the sweetness), and with any cloying rose scent (like Tarot: The Empress, or Rose Cross). I plan to layer it with Harvest Moon in the fall because I think the autumnal roses of Harvet Moon need a strong woody base to stand on. I can also imagine wearing it with Hellfire. Oh yes, I am going to have a lot of fun wearing this scent. Hexennacht is a work of art. Absolutely wonderful! Well done Beth!
  8. oceandessa

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    Hey there internationals, Has anyone gotten any orders from around Feb 24th?
  9. oceandessa

    Rose Red

    The perfected winter rose, dew covered and freshly cut. Rose Red is the perfume love of my life. So much so that I have multiple bottles from 2003 and 2004. I love how green this scent is - the roseness is in the backround, kind of like a blush that eventually takes over long after the scent dries down. It's also a bit of a chameleon - sometimes, when I am in certain parts of my cycle, the rose comes out stronger than the green, and the scent emerges as a bitter rosy scent, which is also very nice. This is also my favorite room scent ever (hence multiple bottles ). It pairs divinely with hellfire in the burner.
  10. oceandessa

    King of Diamonds

    This is so lovely, like a masculine version of Snow White. A cold musky smell much like the dry down of Cheshire Cat, only a bit sweeter without the florals. Work of art, this is. And much like the Queen, this is an all-year-long scent, though a nice wintery smell for sure. I am very glad my implusiveness won over my logic and that I ordered a bottle of this. It is very light, so I will have to apply heavily. Should have ordered a second bottle.
  11. oceandessa


    This is A LOT sweeter than I expected, and I certainly did not expect the cherry wood to smell so much like cherries. It goes a little craft store on me, but I love the tobacco note. Perhaps I will try it again tomorrow when I am not wearing 500 other perfumes on my arm because I simply cannot pace myself. Another thing, this did not change very much on my skin, and it has been almost four hours.
  12. oceandessa


    I am completely and utterly in love with Skadi. Not much left unsaid except that it really surprised me. I did not expect to like this scent as much as I do. Just as Samhain is fall in a bottle, this is a frosty winter in a bottle. Love it, it's like nothing I have tried before.
  13. oceandessa

    Queen of Diamonds

    I don't get any aquatic notes from the Queen. Only citrusy light florals. This is a very cold scent, that I will love wearing all year long. Very lovely.
  14. oceandessa

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    Hi again - I just sent a similar email to Beth and Nella but thought to post it here as well. I was wondering if the inetrnationals can get an update on the status of halloween orders before you guys leave today. It doesn't have to be specific - just a general email saying whether they have been shipped or not. Thanks!
  15. oceandessa

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    the official word from canada post: http://www.canadapost.ca/business/corporat...e.asp?prid=1026