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  1. apathyandanxiety

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self Similarity v4

    Short reviews of a few CTV blends! 1) CCXLIII: This is sort of a powdery berry smoothie type of scent over top of a light snake oil. I've collected several of these blends and this one falls about in the middle as far as likes/loves. 2) I had one that had a sort of black musk note that read very masculine, destashed it and now regret it. It had a thick, dark sticky base that some of the others I've RIS just don't have. Best musk I've tried to date and wish I knew what the heck it was. 3) My favorite CTV blend is just a really heavy snake oil with a pretty straightforward cinnamon note. It's PERFECT. 4) Received a very low partial of this series which smells similar to a light Womb Furie / Snake Skin mix. I actually prefer it over Snake Skin (2017 & 2018) and wish it were available all the time. Think Snake Skin meets honey! 5) Finally, I have another that is a very light snake oil, a little heavier than #1 with an aquatic sort of berry note - maybe lychee or lotus or something of that nature. It smells AMAZING wet, but dries so light that I'm torn. I've thought of rehoming it several times but it might just be one to slather until its gone.
  2. apathyandanxiety

    Dragon-Smooched Snake Oil

    Holy patchouli, Batman! For a second, I get a good blast of dragon's blood and then it's all patchouli from there. I honestly don't get much of a Snake Oil vibe from this but on my quest to try all things Snake Oil, this isn't half bad! I don't think I'd ever rehome this as I'm sure it will get better with age. I also thought the label would literally be the Snake Oil oops sticky note so a picture of that on the legit BPAL label is sort of quirky and cute. I think this will be my prized bottle to hold on to above all else. Can't wait until this mellows out a little bit on the patchouli - I'm sure it will be one of my top loves! Smells like Dragon's Milk layered over an extra dirty SO.