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  1. Alseides


    I wasn't expecting to like this so much, but immediately it evoked images of starry nights, and I couldn't put it down. I'm going to try to make a solid out of this, since it doesn't stick around long on me. I was afraid of the jasmine, but really, it's very nice here.
  2. Alseides

    The Bow & Crown of Conquest

    This is so gorgeous, but unfortunately my lovely boy won't wear it! I'll have to wear it myself, despite how masculine it may be. It smells like cocoa and leather to me,... fantastic! <3
  3. Alseides


    This scent had my entire household in an uproar. Everyone thinks it smells like Old Spice. I, however, think it smells... like patchouli. And I despise patchouli. This is the second time I've received this as a frimp, too! On to swaps with Masquerade!
  4. Alseides


    There is something in Eden that does NOT agree with me. It smells strong, powdery, and sour all at once on me - nauseatingly. Unbearably. I wish I got the fantastic experience from this scent that others did, but I react to this how I reacted to O. I have to figure out their common factors and stay away from any BPAL with that note in it. It simply doesn't work on my skin.
  5. Alseides

    The Jersey Devil

    I think I'm going to wear this around the holidays. It's so pretty, mostly cranberry and pine on me, grounded by cedar - no blackberry leaf or tomato leaf (well, I probably couldn't identify them if they DID show up on my skin!). Pretty pretty. Wow, this truly is the best Christmastime scent I have ever smelled.
  6. Alseides

    Dragon's Tears

    This is pretty. I recognize Dragon's Blood right off, and something that smells a little like cherry. There's also something light in this that brightens it up, far in the background that lifts it up - probably the "tears". :] It's nice, but I wouldn't wear it. Maybe it'd be better suited to a male friend of mine.
  7. Alseides


    I'm testing this on my arm side-by-side with R'lyeh and The Deep Ones, as I ordered three aquatic scents with this past order. And let me say, I wouldn't notice this unless I were testing them all side-by-side: Lightning is considerably, well, lighter. It's brighter, clearer, like well... a streak of lightning. It's very nice. It made me smile, actually... reminds me of a candle I once smelled.
  8. Alseides

    The Deep Ones

    This is lovely, so I can't figure out why more people haven't tried it. It's a very nice aquatic, masculine, with a whisper of fruit. Pretty.
  9. Alseides


    The sunken city of the Great God Cthulhu. A hellishly dark aquatic scent, evocative of fathomless oceanic deeps, the mysteries of madness buried under crushing black waters, and the brooding eternal evil that lies beneath the waves. This is so... waaaah! I instantly felt all bouncy and happy upon sniffing this. This is great. I wouldn't expect the great Cthulhu's resting place to smell like this, but ... pink ripe grapefruit and ocean water. What an unlikely combo, but it's so... wow. Favorite for me! I was so lucky with this batch of imps. :]
  10. Alseides

    De Sade

    This is wonderful. The first true leather scent I have found... I can't wait to layer this with things! <3
  11. Alseides


    I'm heartbroken as I write this. This was the oil I was most excited about... and I despise it. Hate hate hate. It's sickening powder and mildew on me. Yuck. Layering it with De Sade, it starts to smell a little like the S-Perfume "S-EX", but more bearable. ETA: My darling boyfriend slathered some on his wrist, even though I saw him with "O" and screamed "NO, don't do it, it's terrible!" And you know what? On my darling boyfriend, it's not terrible at all. It's a really nice, warm amber-vanilla. Not the stuff of orgasms, but still nice. Ohhh, vile skin chemistry. I guess O will go to the boy then.
  12. Alseides

    Miskatonic University

    This is fabulous! FABULOUS! I have always loved the smell of coffee (almost more than coffee itself) and what I get from this straight away is a HOT caramel latte with a shot of espresso and a sprinkling of cinnamon. I drink these things twice a week, my little moment of heaven, and here's the scent captured in an oil! I'M IN LOVE! As time goes on, it smells more like cinnamon rolls on me, but I don't care, because I love those too. This is... amazing! Then I get worried, because it starts smelling "burnt". Like oak, and BURNT cinnamon rolls. Uh-oh, I hope this passes... the burnt note is only noticable if you take a BIG whiff of it, but I love big whiffs of coffee and cinnamon rolls! Please go away, burnt note! On my boy, this smells like "popcorn and jelly bellies". In truth, I smell coffee and oakwood on him, but I'll let him think what he likes, as long as he wears this for me! I'm living vicariously through him, since this gorgeous scent turned to charred food on me.
  13. Alseides


    I'll have to try this again another time, as my nose is a little tuckered out from all the sniffing. However, at this time, I somehow smell mint and lemon , and something almost sickeningly warm and sweet - is that the honeysuckle? Hmm... On second thought, I dunno if I WANT to try this again later. As it stands now, it's an oddly warm and spicy scent with a breath of mint and so much honey I can practically taste it in my mouth. Good lord. O_O Not for me.
  14. Alseides


    Though I don't like rose scents often, white roses are my favorite flower, and this description was absolutely irresistable - it sounded like an evocative, delicate, angelic scent, with the lightest and whitest touches of everything... And it is! Like a previous reviewer said, it's very "rosewater". And I smell all the other watery bits and pieces, the halo of white flowers. This is very, very pretty. I didn't expect to like it as much as I do. Yay!
  15. Alseides

    Moon Rose

    This is pretty, but not as delicate and ethereal as I hoped - it's more like a rose soap I used to love. It's nostalgic, but I don't think I'd wear it much.