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  1. slyvanestra

    I've never found a scent I liked!

    I'd definitely try Eat Me! I'm not a fan of many foodie things, but that was a frimp and I ended up loving it. Maybe it'll work out for you as well. And if you like sweetish things, try the Doc Constantine's Sassafras Strengthener. Root Beer with dark vanilla and some herbaciousness. <3
  2. slyvanestra


    Disclaimer: I have never had absinthe, or been within sniffing distance of any. Let's say I'm going in blind. Wet: Sharp and woody- wormwood maybe? It's nice though, and I get a little of the anise and hyssop, with a breath of mint. No lemon, oddly, which I though I'd notice right off. Not that I mind- I echo earlier comments about being leery of lemon things, due to Pine-Sol. On skin: Oooh, much warmer! Wormwood still, with spices and mints and herbs. Very nice! Locket: The anise and mint are stronger, but they definitely keep some sharpness from the wormwood and herbs, and the lemon adds a little tang. I'm an anise fan so this is great for me. All in all, this will be a consideration for a future bottle. I think I could love this in autumn.
  3. slyvanestra

    Fleurette’s Purple Snails

    White sandalwood, orris root, wood violet, sugared violet blossom, and violet leaf. Immediately the first thing that hit me when I opened the bottle was 'sweet flowers', but then there were tendrils of other things- woods, and something rich and creamy. It's like an antique, wooden candy box in a very expensive bordello; everything is light and free, a bit sensual, very sweet and tempting and somehow very, very colorful too. Not being a person who usually goes looking for florals- but also someone who has a novice nose and sense of taste! - I was pleasantly surprised and I'll wear it with pride and a little lascivious smile.
  4. slyvanestra

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Oooh, that is a fantastic idea! I will have to put that on my list for my next purchase, especially if it's as spicy as all of the reviews seem to say. I love that kind of heat and spice to scents, they just punch everything up so nicely. Thank you, kind Persimmon! have you tried it in a locket? That's the only way I can wear some citrus and tea oils, because otherwise they vaporize in 15 minutes. That's a great idea, but I hate hate hate wearing necklaces! Perhaps they make scent locket bracelets or rings?? I'll have to look into that.... I have seen bracelets and rings around, for sure!
  5. slyvanestra


    Immediately I get spices and incense, and something creamy. Maybe it's carnation. But something is deepening it. Whatever it is, it's lovely and smooth, and a really comforting scent, in its own way. Cardamom keeps coming to mind. Maybe in the spice notes. Or maybe that's the cassia, since I don't think I've ever smelled it on its own before.
  6. slyvanestra

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    Well, when I think 'creepy clowns' I think things that are syrupy sweet and a bit rotten, maybe boozy? Those kind of notes could be very interesting, especially if there's a dark musk or ozone in it, or metallic things. Very few names are coming to mind though.. Maybe something like Perversion or Grand Guignol? I haven't tried them myself but they jump out at me first.
  7. slyvanestra

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I haven't had a chance to test TOO many, but my favorites as of this moment are- Lampades Laudanum Doc Constantine's Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener Morocco Poisoned Apple (Honorable Mentions of Eat Me, Mary Shelley and Seraphim ) Recommendations are always welcome, for I can feel my next itching at my mind already!
  8. slyvanestra

    Pisces 2017

    Being a little new to picking out scents specifically, I may get this a little confused, but please bear with me. The first thing that comes to me is the brine and acacia- if that's the woody note I think I'm getting. Ships at sea, with teak to seal the deck too- the musk, I'm sure. That's what hits me coming out of the bottle and with my nose over the locket, perhaps a little too close. But if you wait, and you let it waft to you, drifting on the air, there's the lavender and the benzoin, making things far more cozy and approachable. Like being in an old hardwood waterbed, drifting to sleep where odd dreams wait for you. (Or, my Addam's Family/tragic side says, like a restful coffin and a burial at sea with a bundle of mourning flowers.) On the skin its subtleties come out much more, the everything blending into an oceanic sort of atmospheric scent, a little like the incenses I used before the pets made me switch away from flame-based room scents.
  9. slyvanestra

    Leanan Sidhe

    In the imp: Greenery and flowers, all damp. I adore it already! I feel like I'm in a very magical garden, but one that might have tricked me into a fairy ring. On the skin, wet: More of the water and flowers, with the greenery in the background. It's sweet, to lull me into a sense of security, but utterly addictive too. On the skin, drying down: Pure velvety flowers, more herbal notes coming back out, and the wet has become very reminiscent of a stone fountain to me. And it all blends so beautifully too, so there's not one overpowering note; everything tells a story with the other scents. I only bought an imp of this but I can see it becoming a bottle in the very near future.
  10. slyvanestra


    I don't wear many florals but this one is beautiful to me. It's grounded rather than too soppy-sweet, deep and comfortable and complex without being busy. I immediately thought of sunlight through a stained-glass window catching incense smoke inside an old church sanctuary, somewhere warm and contemplative. It'll definitely go on my list for 'autumn perfumes'.
  11. slyvanestra

    Poisoned Apple

    When I saw this frimp I wasn't sure I would like it. I didn't have much faith in fruity scents, ESPECIALLY apple, because I'm not even a big fan of that particular flavor. Then I opened the bottle and frankly I adore it. Apples hit me first, and I nearly got that feeling of smelling like food- but then the hemlock and oleander kicked in and I instantly realized this was not an apple anyone would eat. It's very tart and herbaceous, still completely apple-y, and it suits its name perfectly. I don't even mind that it has a very long lasting scent that only gets more tart and dry in time, so more of the opium comes out. I even feel a bit like a Wicked Queen, and I like it.
  12. slyvanestra


    In the imp- Umm.. I don't know. I get timber and the garden department at Home Depot. On, wet- Oh, there's the lilac or some other sort of floral, but more woodsy smell. This time it's green timber though. Drydown- Powdery florals and sawdust. And something sharp. I have no idea what my skin is amping but it doesn't like something in this mix. But I think if you really like masculine scents with floral scents it could be the one for you.
  13. slyvanestra


    The first thing that gets me is cran-lily with spices, and the musk to bring it down from being too flowery and foodie; I can't pick up much of the ginger, but that may be my inexperienced nose, or it blending with the other spices and things. It's a mystical scent to me, alluring and dark, and ages into something much more 'musk and cranberries' than floral, though they peek out every so often, and the spices stick around to warm it up. The carry does diminish a little as time goes on, especially compared to some of the more forceful oils I've tried, but that's a good thing too; it's not enough to be cloying and still tugs at the senses.
  14. slyvanestra

    Eat Me

    Three white cakes, vanilla, and red and black currants. Tart berries and spice cake, all the way- especially wet out of the bottle. I only ever used this frimp in a locket, so I can't speak as to my skin chemistry, but as it warmed and dried it smelled more and more like the spices and berries and less of the vanilla and cake- which was still beautiful and probably lucky for me, since straight from the imp it made me SO HUNGRY FOR CAKE! Truly great, if not one I would wear everyday, for the sake of my caloric intake. But I may reorder the imp, for those especially confident, happy and enthusiastic days.
  15. slyvanestra

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Forgive me if this one has been mentioned before. This is a very long thread to read through! There was a scent that Hot Topic used to carry back in the day. I believe it was an Amy Brown Fairy based one called 'Fire Dance', or 'Fire Dancer', something of that nature. it was many, many years ago, but I held onto the bottle for quite some time because it was so warm and spicy, but not at all harsh or masculine. Morocco reminds me of it a little, though I seem to recall 'Fire Dance' having more clove or cinnamon perhaps, something else sharp in it that Morocco lacks a little, but the sweetness and depth is nearly the same. Has anyone any suggestions for what might come close?