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    Dead Leaveses, Krampuses, anything with fire/spicy/blood/smoke/leather or dirt/moss/graveyards. Likes: smoke, fire, blood red scents, spices, coffee & tea, bruised purple scents, cold winter/forest scents, industrial scents, "bourbon vanillia," dead leaves, wet earth, decay, smelling like boys and sometimes, really specific flowers.

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  1. vikingpixie


    Coimetrophobia is the calmer, more complex older cousin of the Graveyard Dirt single note. The heavy wet earth smell that the lab does *so well* fades into the background of a slightly drier, woodier and very still earth smell that is perfectly evocative of a Midwestern cemetery on a crisp night in early fall, right before the leaves are done changing color. As the scent dries, the mahogany becomes more pronounced on me but it doesn't lose that earthy edge. I'd highly recommend this to folks who love the idea of graveyard dirt smells, but find other ones from the lab to be a bit too much for them!
  2. vikingpixie

    The Sun in Anger Swore

    And the moon in haste eclipsed her, and the Sun in anger swore He would curl his wick within him and give light to you no more. – Aristophanese, Chorus of Clouds A withdrawn, seething red amber spiked with dragon’s blood resin, black pepper, red musk, and red oudh. The descriptions for all of The Great American Eclipse scents have been spot on, and this blend is no exception. All of the reds come on strong; amber, musk and oudh pulsing with a deep, bloody tang. The dragon's blood is a light floral soapy note, balancing out the very present black pepper. This reminds me a LOT of the Deluge of Blood from The Song of Creation, but more bloody and less sweet (which is a great thing, imo). This scent is angry, red, not spicy per say, and absolutely perfect. If I already didn't have 3 bottles of Deluge, I'd be picking up several backups of this (and may anyway)!
  3. Nothing is unexpected, nothing is foresworn and Nothing amazes now that father Zeus the Olympian veiled the light to make it night at midday even as sun was shining: so dread fear has overtaken men. From this time on everything that men believe will be doubted: may none of us who see this be surprised when we see forest beasts taking turns in the salted field with dolphins, when the echoing waves of the sea become Dearer to them than the sand, and the dolphins love the wooded glen – Archilochus Red amber and heady red wine, benzoin, ash, and bourbon vanilla. I can smell every note in the description, it's kind of amazing. Wet, this is a GRAPE CHERRY POPSICLE SURPRISE, and initially I was worried that it wouldn't work for me. But (as with other BPAL containing wine/cherry notes) it quickly mellowed into a deep incense-y red wine when drying on my skin. Think old vine Zinfandel, with a *slightly* lighter fruitiness than usual, sipped while a warm spicy incense is burning a little too close for comfort. The ash is surprisingly present, and I can detect a wee hint of bourbon vanilla lurking in the background. This smells exactly how I would expect a carnival fortune teller's tent to smell, and I'll be hanging on to this one for sure!
  4. vikingpixie

    Lupercalia Single Note: Latex

    With a hint of French chalk to ensure your catsuit goes on without a hitch. Woooo this single note is INTERESTING. I put it in my cart immediately, hoping that it would be the warm, yet harsh, chemically, rubbery, almost spicy smell one would encounter in a high-end fetish boutique. In the bottle, Latex is kind of like getting stabbed in the nose with eucalyptus rubber. It's *very* strong, and kind of reminded me of the initial "demonic Windex" of To Kindle A Flame in Our Frozen Veins. On the skin it calmed down juuuust a little, but spent around a half an hour continuing to stab me in the nose. Then I started to get more of the rubber, less of the eucalyptus, and the scent of inexpensive disposable latex gloves dominated. This wasn't quite what I was expecting, and not really what I wanted, so I rubbed my wrists together in the hope that it would chill the heck out. And, success!, the scent changed again into a latex-y, almost musty, "I just pulled off my catsuit" kind of smell. The smell of latex on skin, as it were, not latex alone. I had my partner sniff it wet, and they said that it smells like latex polish. (Which would explain the sharp, almost industrial chemically scent that I wasn't expecting.) With patience, and rubbing, I'd call this a smashing success at capturing latex. I'm definitely going to hang onto it and see how it ages!