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  1. tinabcurly

    Bliss Soap (by Silk Road Trading Company)

    I waited to review this until I finished the bar which took about 2 months of daily showers. Impressive When I very carefully extracted the bar from the beautiful wrapping, I was slightly disappointed to find that Bliss didn't immediately waft up at me. It was a lovely chocolate colored bar with bits and swirls of white milk throughout but the scent was reminiscent of unscented CP soap I used to make in my kitchen. Pleasing scent but not Bliss. I sliced it into 4 sections to conserve & found that the center of the bar was soft & slightly more scented. Still no Bliss explosion though. In the shower, I quickly forgave the lack of scent because it was the most gentle soap I ever used. I even used it on my girly parts a few times without thinking (early mornings without much sleep) & it was so gentle that I didn't even realize what I had done because I didn't experience the usual reaction that I get with bar soap & that's saying alot!! I enjoyed my mornings with Bliss. I do wish this was more scented but it's other attributes made up for it. It's very gentle, moisturizing, lathers really well with a poof (not so much without), lasts a long time. Overall-
  2. tinabcurly

    How to make a paypal order.

    I think I take the long way around making paypal orders. I put everthing in the CCNow cart (I always forget to write what I want down when I browse plus it tally's everything incuding shipping) then I copy/paste it into the note fields in paypal. I have to edit out lots of blanks so it actually makes sense but it works because I'm lazy when it comes to math outside of work...