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  1. appalachianstars

    Little Sister is Watching You

    This is a winner for me! Usually I prefer darker scents, but I loved Neo-Tokyo so I thought I would give this a shot. I'm so glad I did. On me, Little Sister is a mix of delicate cherry blossoms and fresh spring air. It's light and clean and not overwhelmingly sweet. It could definitely be a little sister (ha!) to Neo-Tokyo, but it isn't an exact match. The air in Neo-Tokyo was chilly and crackling with electricity, and had a sharp metallic bite. Little Sister is warmer and even edges towards cozy. I do get the comparison to soap, although if this were a soap it would be expensive and fabulous and I'd never want to bathe with anything else. Little Sister doesn't replace Neo-Tokyo but it's beautiful all on its own. It is currently my go-to fresh/delicate/feminine scent.