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  1. Miss Landau

    Le Miroir de la Coquetterie

    Jasmine and damp dirt. Vanilla is usually very strong on me, but I'm not getting any of that at all yet, after wearing for about five hours. Although I do like vanilla, I feel that's a good thing this time round. I know "jasmine and damp dirt" sounds pretty unappealing but oddly enough it's not. It's a good clean earth smell. I should also say this has a very weak throw on me but that's fine, as if it was stronger it could be a bit too overpowering and intrusive.
  2. Miss Landau


    Got a bunch of RPG frimps in my latest order, and Orc was one of them. To me fresh out of the imp this smells strongly grassy, almost astringently so. A few hours later I'm getting something vaguely, um, floral? Doesn't smell much like musk or leather, or at least not leather like I recognise it from other oils like Tezcatlipoca.
  3. Miss Landau

    Poisoned Apple

    Turns out I'm a big fan of BPAL's apple scents. This one reminds me a lot of Apple VI from the Halloweenie line - a strong blast of chilled apple, either red or golden for me, not green, with an intriguing medicinal/herbal note to it. If someone offers you an apple that smells like this, do not eat it!
  4. Miss Landau


    I'm a big fan of Grand Guignol so I suspected I'd like this and I do. While Grand Guignol smells to me like dried apricots (plus booze) these are fresh, plus the zing of fresh cut oranges. It's seriously bright and bracing at first, then a more rounded sweetness starts coming out. Love it.
  5. Miss Landau


    Vaguely floral, but the main thing I'm getting from this is pine, almost resin-y, with that hint of menthol freshness. Not unpleasant though, and it seems to have pretty good staying power.
  6. Miss Landau

    Leanan Sidhe

    Some sort of floral, can't quite pick out what, and damp, green moss. Kind of like the smell of the moss on rocks in a creek bed. Very delicate and faint, but atmospheric.
  7. Miss Landau

    Dana O'Shee

    Offerings of milk, honey and sweet grains were made to placate these creatures, and it is that the basis of the scent created in their name. Marzipan rather than "sweet grains". Very light and almost zero throw, it was gone less than an hour later. Pretty and sweet.
  8. Miss Landau


    I think this is gorgeous. Lots of red sandalwood and carnation. I was worried the main spice would be cinnamon, which doesn't really work on me (and seems to cause terrible contact dermatitis) but it smells like vanilla.
  9. Miss Landau


    This has immediately become one of my new favourites. I'm guessing "purple fruits" means plums and grapes and I definitely get a lot of the former - but fresh ripe plums, not the over-ripe-turning-to-prune plum of Bordello - but don't think I can pick up anything I recognise as grape. Violet is the flower scent I'm getting, the incense is very much in the background for me.
  10. Miss Landau

    'Tis The Voice Of The Lobster

    "This reminds me of....Vera Wang's Princess Night" was my first thought. Very fruity and I was getting a LOT of watermelon, so that made sense when I went onto the BPAL website and read the notes afterwards. It's almost alarmingly strong at first, but tempers down almost immediately. I think this will make a nice eau de toilette strength scent for hot days. I've had quite a few frimps from the Alice in Wonderland collection, including some repeats which I'm not unhappy about. I've enjoyed all of them so far, and am considering ordering bottles of Alice, Eat Me and Queen of Hearts. The frimp system works, LOL.
  11. Miss Landau

    Lucy's Kiss

    I could have SWORN that when I read the BPAL page for Lucy's Kiss sometime last year, it listed this as a violet scent, not a rose one. Anyway, this is lovely. I'm not a huge fan of rose scents per se as they tend to give me a headache, but this is light enough for that not to be an issue. The "Victorian spices" add a sweetness that is delicate as opposed to sickly.
  12. Miss Landau


    Got this as a frimp. Super sweet resin - as in, so sweet it's basically honey, and very strong. I have to be honest and say that smelling blind I only got this sweetness, couldn't pick up anything like incense or galangal, and I don't have the faintest idea what gurjum balsam or olibanum are, haha. Now that I know what to look for, I THINK I get a bit of the smoke of incense and maybe a ginger-y element. This is definitely one of the most potent BPALs I've tried lately.
  13. Miss Landau

    The Lady of Shalott

    This is the "weakest" BPAL I've encountered in quite a while, I can barely smell a whole imp in my scent locket when I hold it right up to my nose less than an hour after loading it up. What I can make out is a generically pretty floral, very delicate, with the warmth of ginger. I do like it, it's just that I'm reluctant to buy a 5 ml bottle if it's this weak on me.
  14. Miss Landau

    Hell's Belle

    I actually don't get much mandarin from this, which surprised me as I REALLY get it from others like Carnal and Belle Epoque. Lots of magnolia, and a warm wet spiciness.
  15. Miss Landau


    I got mostly warm sandalwood from this, and then the orange blossom faintly detectable under that. This lasted reasonably well on me, but very, very faintly.