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    Sugared patchouli. Sniffing the bottle, it is a sweet patchouli... almost boozy. Applied wet, same thing, but a little sweeter and spicier. I think I smell lemon very faintly? Maybe wax? A half hour later, it's more of a sweet, smokey patchouli. Very lovely. I have never smelled the hair gloss, so I cannot compare this to that.
  2. Janel Kisner


    Is it abstract nonsense poetry? Surrealist performance art? Cryptography so subtle and devious that it would make an Enigma machine blush? The verbal component of whatever spell that orb casts? Safe word? A typo fueled by cheap hooch, NoDoz, and poor impulse control? Is negative press covfefe anything like French press covfefe? This perfume makes no fucking sense: orange marshmallow cream, bitter lemon, black pepper, orange carnation, and gin. Proceeds from this late-night nonsense benefit the ACLU, which has been working overtime to defend the rights and liberties guaranteed to everyone in this country by the laws and Constitution of the United States. Oh! I'm first... eek! In bottle: a light vanilla, sweet orange scent. It didn't smell like orangesicles, but more sophesticated. Wet to dry-down: chewable, orange baby-aspirin? A few hours later: sweet orange plastic, leading to a headache. Sounds about right for #45???
  3. Janel Kisner

    Fake News

    2016 turned out to be the year of the NASTY WOMAN - and thanks to your purchases, BPAL was able to donate thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood and Emily's List! Unfortunately, 2017 is already shaping up to be the year of FAKE NEWS. In anticipation of the upcoming inaugural proceedings - and the months, nay years of high-volume dishonesty that are to follow - we offer the following blend to help penetrate the dense fog of of misinformation that's already begun settling around Truth, Justice, and other historically celebrated American ideals. Wear it in vigilance as you sift through the memes, trolls, clickbait, hate-speech, and outright propaganda that continually threaten to overwhelm all the world's kindness, wisdom, and informed expertise. Wear it in courage as you refute ignorance and insincerity at every turn - even from our nation's highest-ranking figures - with indisputable facts from well-researched sources. And try not to lose your sense of humor as you fight back, or your own essential humanity. As Anne Lamott once wrote: "You don't always have to chop with the sword of truth. You can point with it too." FAKE NEWS: A scent of misdirection, of 140 frantic characters typed out in spite at 3am, and paranoia-clouded churlish accusations hurled at perceived enemies: crushed pink pepper pod, bitter white tobacco, gnarled patchouli, all covered in glinting, garish slashes of gold. Proceeds from FAKE NEWS will go to the American Civil Liberties Union, non-partisan defender of the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States. Fake News is a beautiful scent. It smells sexy and expensive, like something you'd spend $300 on. Or the kind that brings back childhood memories of your mother getting ready to go out. It is a little hard to pick out individual notes because they meld beautifully, but I'd say it is sweet and slightly earthy. The pepper and tobacco are probably more dominant, although hard to pick out. Both are sweet rather than dry. The patchouli is sweet rather than "hippyish", and far in the background, that I barely smell it. I don't get sharp or zesty notes. I wore it all day yesterday, and couldn't stop sniffing all day.
  4. Janel Kisner

    The Goddess of Mischief

    Lilith has a ton of empathy for the God of Mischief. I think many kids identify with Loki because they know what it’s like to be passed over, to be ignored in favor of a shinier relative or friend, and what it feels like to not be as strong or powerful as some of your peers. He may be evil(ish), but he has a sense of humor and a grasp of irony that kids relate to, and that’s worth its weight in Alfheimian gold nuggets. Thor is great and all, but Loki has /gone through some shit/, and Lilith respects that. But what are the main reasons why Lilith digs Loki? “He looks like me, and he’s really funny.” Girl!Loki costume by Chrissy Lynn! White lavender and sweet amber, green oudh, and inky musk. Lilith: The Goddess of Mischief is such a trickster! When I first sniffed, it was overwhelmingly straight up EO lavender. Last night, I figured it might be a good nighttime scent... huge mistake! It morphed into something so complex and gorgeous, I couldn't stop sniffing. All of the notes commingle beautifully into something that smells super expensive; the expensive perfume you wear to a very special date night or event. The lavender becomes sweet, and the oudh and musk are light but make this perfume very sexy... which feels so wrong. Definitely a scent that will make you feel like a goddess, or a god.
  5. Janel Kisner

    Connecting Flight

    Achievement Unlocked: Babys First Time Sleeping at an Airport Lil is a born traveler. She has been easy to travel with and eager to go new places! ever since she hopped on her first plane at a little over a year old. While shes not too fond of long car rides, she loves trains and /LOVES/ flying and she really, really loves airports. She loves what it symbolizes to her, and she simply loves being there. She loves watching people go to and fro, wondering where theyre going and where theyre coming from. She loves stale airport croissants, overpriced souvenir stands, and questionable day-old airport bagels. She loves buying chewing gum and city-branded trinkets, and she loves riding her suitcase like a go-kart. An ill-timed overnight stopover in Mexico City marked Liliths first time sleeping in an airport. Suffice to say, she takes to it better than either of her parents. She slept through sirens and loudspeakers, through beeping trams and rattling carts all while Teddy and I sat bolt upright, zombified and staring. I hope her love of travel never, ever wanes. The distant scent of black coffee spiked with coffee liqueur and dusted with cinnamon. It's hump day, and decided to try Connecting Flight this afternoon for a little pick me up. Wet, the coffee liqueur is pretty strong. Dry down, it doesn't smell like coffee, but reminds me more of coffee cake; vanilla cake and just a hint of cinnamon, paired with a steaming cup of coffee. I wasn't sure about it wet, but as it settled more, it smells quite lovely. I love the label for it.
  6. Janel Kisner

    Pink Snowballs

    I tested this two days after receiving it. In the bottle, it reminds me of Snow White, but sweeter. I must be the outlier here, but I do not get snow, rose, or vanilla here. This smells straight up like some pink liquid body wash that you get from the drug store; sweet and artificial. It did mellow over the day, and has longevity. I may retest it again after letting it settle/age for a while.
  7. Janel Kisner

    2003: Cotton Phoenix

    Sniffing the bottle, I get Snake Oil and Snow White. Applied and as dries down, it's a sweeter SO as the marshmallow and creaminess comes through. SW doesn't come through, which I am kinda glad because when I got it last year, it didn't work for me. This is definitely back up worthy, and I bet it will age beautifully.
  8. Janel Kisner

    2017: Crystal Phoenix

    In the bottle, straight up patch. Wet, still patch, but sweeter and a touch of smokiness. It's not in your face like Anne Bonny. As it dries down, the cedar peeks through slightly. I generally don't like woods (Except for sandalwood), but this one is pleasant. The scent of CP has faded nicely by the end of the day to a close, intimate scent of mostly woodsy vanilla. I do not pick up the tobacco, birch tar or leather notes in this. These may show up later after aging a bit. Someone asked me how it compares to Banshee Beat. I never smelled that, but I have a decant of Revenant Rhythm HG which is too precious to use, so I haven't used it either. To my nose, they are almost identical (maybe 95%); they both have that same sweet patchouli note, most likely from the vanilla in both. The only difference is that RR reviews indicate a hemp note, while CP has a cedar note. BB/RR lovers will like this one. I'd like to see how this ages.
  9. Janel Kisner

    Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe

    Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe is so gorgeous. In the bottle, I was unsure because the clove is a bit strong, but applied, it dries down to a beautiful sweet patchouli and clove scent. I don't smell any of the other notes such as cherry, vanilla, or cocoa. It definitely has goth vibes. A couple of hours later, it’s very light and doesn’t seem to last long. Regardless, this one is a keeper.
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    In the bottle: light mint and sugar with a touch of candy cane. First hour: It is very similar to De Vos Unicorn, but with a touch of mint. Alisz is light sugar, mint, and rose. I smell a tiny bit of smokiness, maybe the frankincense. A couple of hours later: The mint has disappeared and now it’s a light pink floral sugar, very similar to Pink Moon ’17. EDIT: This scent lasted all day on me. I applied it to my wrists in the morning, and in the evening before bed, I could still smell it . This is a very beautiful, light, pink scent, and a keeper.
  11. Janel Kisner


    Hmmm, I must be the outlier here because I do not like this one. It does have a soft spicy, masculine scent which must be the bay rum and amber. However, I also smell a tiny bit of feces in the background. I tried to give it time to change in the hope that it would go away, but I had to remove it within 30 minutes. Am I the only one? I'm glad that I only got a decant of this. My decant is going into the swap pile.
  12. Janel Kisner

    A Song: When June is Past, the Fading Rose

    "A Song..." is a very beautiful floral; light and sweet. I don't smell rose, but I do smell wildflowers. A little bit of the sweet myrrh. This smells expensive and vintage, and I can't stop sniffing, even hours after applying it. It's definitely a perfect summer scent, and possibly all through autumn. This one is a keeper.
  13. Janel Kisner

    Strawberry Moon 2017

    In the bottle and wet, it reminds me of a fresh strawberry smoothie without the cream. As it dries down, it becomes more floral and less sweet, like strawberry flowers and wildflowers, with a little bit of the vanilla coming out. I don't smell the sage. Overtime, it's a dry strawberry floral. It's very lovely and a keeper.
  14. Janel Kisner

    Nevertheless, She Persisted

    I am not very good at identifying specific notes, and this one is no exception. But I can say my first sniff, it reminded me of bathroom spray; the strong, floral kind. They kind you use to mask odors. My stepdaughter said it smells like poop! Although I didn't quite pick that one up. So, I guess there is some kind of fecal note. Personally, I just could not get pass that "spray" scent and didn't test it. Perhaps with settling, it would mellow out or change as some of the other reviewers indicated. I really wanted to like this one too, because I adore Joan of Arc, and Elizabeth Warren in which this is in reference to, not to mention it being a charitable bottle.
  15. Janel Kisner

    Le Vice Suprême

    I got this because the notes sounded perfect, and was expecting something a little boozy and sweet. Instead, it reminded me of floral potpourri, including the smell of the wicker/reed pieces in potpourri. It is not an unpleasant scent, but was not what I expected. I did give it a chance and wore it. Over the day, the scent became more pleasant, a light floral, but still smelled like potpourri to me. I am not sure if I got a mislabeled bottle or it just smells different, but I definitely did not pick up any of the notes in the description. This one is a no for me.
  16. When I first opened this bottle, I literally wanted to drink it, it's that good. It smells exactly like it's described. That night, as I lie in bed, I was dreaming about making a chocolate cake just like this, and instead of water use coffee, put a pinch of cinnamon in it, then when it's done, drizzle some white cocoa. I digress...so this is a nice chocolately scent, but not too sweet.
  17. Janel Kisner

    Snake Skin

    I love this one! It is exactly what it says- Snake Oil with leather... and they both work very well together. If you love SO, you will like this.
  18. Janel Kisner

    Flickering Lantern

    I adore this one. It's very light and delicate, creamy with a slight rose and wax scent. This would be a great spring or summer scent, one you wear close to you with not a lot of throw.
  19. Janel Kisner

    Die Begierde

    I love rose, and have many bottles with rose... and I have learned it's either a hit or miss for me. This one was a miss. First sniff, it was WHOA ROSE! It's quite strong dark rose, and I think maybe the carnation combined with the rose was not working for me. I didn't bother trying it.
  20. Janel Kisner

    Apple VIII

    In the bottle, it smells like Red Delicious apples... and smells the same wet and dry. I do not pick up any other scent, including the patchouli at all. I tried to let it rest for a few weeks, and it still smells the same. I'm pretty disappointed in this one; I either have to figure out what other scents it would layer with, use it for something else (wax burner, atmo spray), or sell/give it away.
  21. Janel Kisner

    Spider Witch

    I love this one! It smells like a Bohemian goth hanging out at a cafe drinking hazelnut coffee ☕️
  22. Janel Kisner


    Of all of the Exquisite Corpse fragrances, Owl Moon called to me the most, and Planchette the least. Once I got Owl Moon, I was in I ended up getting a second bottle, and also Lorraine Cross. There was just something in the fragrance description of Planchette that I was very unsure of. I think it's the woods? But I kept hearing reviews about it, and I decided to go ahead and purchase it. Just arrived today, and I'm so glad I got it! In the bottle, the scent is so light, but was a bit stronger wet. As it dries down, oh wow! It's such a sophisticated and light spice, tobacco, and I suppose frankincense? I think a commenter above hit the nail on the head as an upscale bohemian shop. <3 I think I will have to get a second one for back up!
  23. the worm moons have the dirt note with a layer of elegant perfume (maybe a lily note??). goofballs has the dirt note with a tuberose-flower layer zombie has dirt and roses burial has dirt and flowers penny dreadful has dirt and cookies yorick also has dirt with other notes the lab's etsy has the classic graveyard dirt scent listed, which you could then layer other perfumes of your choice! Thank you for your suggestions... came here just for that. I asked BPTP and they suggested zombi, and I don't feel it is similar to the DTRH atmo spray... I purchased it and it's actually my least favorite scent. I have to checkout Graveyard and Penny Dreadful. I just got Yorick as a frimp in today's order, and I definitely recognized the dirt in it. I have to try it soon.
  24. Janel Kisner

    Owl Moon

    This is my new favorite scent! It smells exactly like described; a mix of patchouli and honey, with the patchouli being very faint. I can't wait to get my hands on a new one for back up....