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  1. JTobias

    Midnight in a Silent Grove Atmosphere Spray

    I'm not very good at detecting tree notes but as far as atmosphere, I get it: this is a dark, cold forest.
  2. JTobias

    Gingerbread Goblin

    This is mainly vetiver with a touch of ginger and coconut; not foody at all, at least not in a bakery sense.
  3. JTobias

    Mother Shub's Squamous Sea Salt Caramel Cookies

    It's caramel sea salt cookies with cinnamon. Cinnamon, damn youuuuuu LOL
  4. JTobias

    Yule Cookie

    Beautiful; I smell like an orange cinnamon roll, and yet the cinnamon isn't cloying.
  5. JTobias

    Hard Cider Cake

    Lots of juicy apple and whisky! I'd appreciate more buttercream, but you can't win them all Also, I'd like to add that the cinnamon and spices do not overpower on me as these blends normally do.
  6. JTobias

    Sugar Cookie

    Lots of spice and booze, not too much sugar or cookie dough; a very spicy blend on me; amping nutmeg and cinnamon.
  7. JTobias

    Frosted Pumpkin Spice Cookie

    It's really beautiful, the pumpkin and the sugar cookie, and surprisingly I don't amp pure cinnamon, so this is pretty nice!
  8. JTobias

    Pumpkin Latte

    Cinnamon and pumpkin; when the fall scents combine pumpkin with cinnamon, some wacko chemistry change happens and I only amp cinnamon, followed by pumpkin, and everything else is overshadowed. Very disappointing. For me. Because the blend is gorgeous.
  9. JTobias

    Pumpkin I (2014)

    Gorgeous; everything I want adult pumpkin to be! The black tea and ginger milk really give it a nice dimension often missing from pumpkin sweets.
  10. JTobias


    The pumpkin and almond are present, yes, but the cinnamon spice (from the pumpkin I assume?) in here is so strong...I have a tendency to amp cinnamon and this is no exception. I do have two aged decants from 3 years ago...I wonder what it smelled like fresh?
  11. JTobias

    Single Note: Last Year's Stale Candy Corn

    Divine butterscotch and cream, with a touch of plastic stale in the background; this is a gorgeous SN and I will be looking for a partial to home this decant
  12. JTobias

    Laura Belle McDaniel

    Normally vetiver scares the hell outta me. The vetiver here is strong and dark and GORGEOUS...I've never smelled so darkly sexy. I feel like a 1920s screen goddess behind the curtains at night: smoky and dark and girly floral.
  13. JTobias

    Seven Word Story: Sloth

    Gorgeous; in the bottle, its straight banana and chocolate. On my skin, the banana dies away to a yellow glow and the tobacco begins to warm up; sexy!
  14. JTobias


    SN milk chocolate, straight up.I prefer Melty Creme Egg but this is a softer alternative; would make a nice layering scent.
  15. JTobias

    The Anti-Saloon League

    Love's Philosophy with a kick; this ish is fantastic; I have three decants and I'm desperately ISO of a bottle to home them in!