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  1. _surya

    Mister Wednesday Nail Polish

    gasp! this one is a beautiful champagne holographic, maybe even on the blush pink side.
  2. _surya

    The Blood Must Flow Nail Polish

    A red jelly filled with floating pieces of metallic flake that range from red to orange and dark steel micro flake. This is a very deep blood red with beautiful flake. I dont see any orange but the jelly concept comes through. the polish itself seems to be a little thicker than the holos in the collection. I kind of had to goop it on but once done it is quite stunning and definitelyhas more depth than just a deep red. I do quite like it. this pic shows at least two layers, after the first coat it kind of glops on like a topper. but smooths out ok with a glossy top coat.
  3. _surya

    Bilquis Nail Polish

    beautiful deep and vibrant royal purple, subtle sparkle. like a polished stone
  4. _surya

    Shadow Moon Nail Polish

    Gray creme shot through with a multichromatic shimmer shifting through green and blue to fuchsia with flecks of gold. This was a sleeper hit for me. In the bottle it looks like kind of muddy dark grey but on and in the sun it shimmers from a deep purple to a deep gray teal. adding a picture to try to show the purple and the darker teal in the sun. this was two coats and a glossy top coat, in the sun.
  5. _surya

    The Sun's Treasure

    Golden & Warm. I get the honey and the saffron in addition to the oudh. This reminds me a lot of Philostratus Phoenix.
  6. _surya

    Coin Trick Nail Polish

    I love this one. And it is a glitter bomb. I found that if you layer it over a bottom coat of one of the holographic ones (because lets be honest, you know you bought Mr. Wednesday, Becoming Thunder or America's New Gods, if not all of them) , that it doesnt take as much to be opaque looking and it helps keep the grit down while still looking like actual shimmering gold. Here is a pic in sunlight. on the Left it is on top of Becoming Thunder and on the Right atop America's New Gods. I am using seche vite fast dry top coat here.
  7. _surya

    The Inexorable Finger

    This is the Patchouli I have been searching for. Maybe because the make up of the blend is so simple. I only have a decant but it is the first time in a long time that I have been compelled to use one decant over and over for days. If you are a patchouli connoisseur, do try this one out. It is neutral to masculine but it is lovely. I will have to look for a partial or full bottle.
  8. _surya

    It Sifts from Leaden Sieves

    This is Anne Bonny in the winter. I really really love Anne Bonny, and I quite like this, but I would have to death match to see if I really needed a bottle which seems so similar. If Anne Bonny is your thing, you will appreciate this scent.
  9. _surya

    'Pink' scents

    I dont really know what defines pink but pink ice is listed as notes for the Amalthea Lunacy (moons of jupiter) and when I wear it, it really does smell and feel "pink" to me. "flecks of pink ice haloed by rose-tinted amber"
  10. _surya

    Sandalwood Scents

    Ditto! Me three. Edging out the instructional manual as my favorite luper. I reach for it every day.
  11. _surya

    Oh, the strawberries, the strawberries!

    I have it on right now, it is heavy patchouli, but I definitely get the strawberry too. I just am very uncreative so dont want to do reviews. I dont get any rum. I actually do like it, but I dont know if I like it enough for a whole bottle. I am a patch fan but even I think it might be too heavy on the patch. disclaimer, ive been putting all kinds on all parts of me for the last two days, just got decants, so I might need to test it completely alone.
  12. _surya

    ISO *Perfect* Winter Scent!

    have you tried ded moroz? it doesnt "throw" more than average but it lasts overnight on me. I can smell it on myself if I dont go out of my way to remove it, if that makes sense. also want to add, some mentioned getting mint from the wet stage and I never really did. I cant tell from all the reviews if it was light for most people or strong mint, as a fair number dont mention it being minty. I would not describe it as minty personally.
  13. Read the reviews for black swallowtail. I have it and it is very licorice on me but I am not as good as decribing it as the reviewers here.
  14. _surya

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I love reading this thread. I tried to search it for "oh Lola" but it didn't return. Do any of you have experience with oh Lola reminding you of a bpal oil? Thanks!